Top Patreon Podcasts

Top Patreon Podcasts

Thinking about Top Patreon Podcasts, there are so many personalities talking about this feeling. We gathered 25 of the top ones.

Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast, with Jonathan H. Westover, PhD

In this podcast, Jonathan H. Westover, PhD, discusses Human Capital Innovations (HCI) and the importance of leveraging human capital to drive organizational success. He outlines HCI's four core areas: People Innovation, Performance Innovation, Engagement Innovation, and Connectedness Innovation. He further explains how HCI helps leaders design and implement effective strategies that can have a real impact on business outcomes. Additionally, Jonathan provides insights into his own experience in the field and advice for leaders looking to leverage HCI for their own organizations.

MythVision Podcast

The MythVision Podcast is hosted by Derek Lambert and focuses on debunking popular myths and urban legends. Each episode features one or two myths that are debunked through interviews, research, and analysis. Lambert also offers his own personal views and experiences. Recent episodes have covered topics such as the myth of the Loch Ness Monster, the myth of carrying an umbrella to ward off bad luck, and the myth of the Bermuda Triangle. The podcast is an informative and entertaining way to learn the truth behind popular myths.

How to Spanish Podcast

The How to Spanish Podcast is a podcast for Spanish learners of all levels. It features interviews with native Spanish speakers, tips and advice on language learning, and interesting insights into Spanish culture and language. The podcast is hosted by language enthusiasts and native English speakers Craig and Julia, who provide tips and resources to help Spanish learners improve their language skills. Topics discussed in the podcast include pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, idioms and expressions, culture, and more. The episodes can be accessed on the How to Spanish Podcast website and on various podcasting platforms. The podcast also offers a language exchange program, which allows listeners to connect with other Spanish learners around the world.

Fallout Lorecast - The Fallout Video Game Lore Podcast

Fallout Lorecast is a podcast dedicated to exploring the lore behind the Fallout video game series. Hosts Alex and Jesse take listeners on an in-depth journey into the world of Fallout, discussing topics such as the history and origin of the game, its characters and locations, and how the stories of Fallout have evolved over time. They also talk about the development process behind the games, and how the game has changed and adapted through the years. With each episode, the hosts strive to provide a unique insight into the lore of the Fallout universe.

The Common Descent Podcast

The Common Descent Podcast is a podcast that explores the origin and evolution of humankind. It covers a range of topics related to human evolution, including paleoanthropology, genetics, and more. It features interviews with scientists, researchers, and other experts who are working to uncover the secrets of our past. The podcast also features lively debates and discussions about the latest developments in the field. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about human evolution.

The Top Cut Podcast

The Top Cut Podcast is a podcast hosted by Sonny Hocke and Caleb Williams that focuses on the trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. It features interviews with players of all levels, tournament coverage, deck techs, and more. The show is designed to inform and entertain listeners of all levels of experience in Magic, and to provide an inside look into the competitive scene. The hosts also provide deckbuilding advice, strategy tips, and insight into the current state of the game.

The Unbelievers Podcast

The Unbelievers Podcast, from Okey Audio, is a weekly podcast that explores the boundaries between faith and reason. The podcast takes an in-depth look at topics such as religion, philosophy, science, and the paranormal, in order to gain insight into the nature of human belief and the power of the unknown. Hosted by experienced podcaster and former pastor, Michael Okey, each episode of the podcast features interviews with leading scholars, authors and spiritual teachers from around the world as they discuss their perspectives on faith, reason, and the unknown. Each episode is designed to help listeners find the answers they need to their questions, no matter what their beliefs may be.

The Fight Site Podcast Network

Severe MMA Podcast

Awake in the World Podcast

Timothy Gordon Rules for Retrogrades Podcast

Unpopular Culture Podcast

The AskHistorians Podcast

The Napoleonic Wars Podcast (aka The Napoelonicist)

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books

The Sword Guy Podcast

Top Floor Podcast

Thinking in Japanese Podcast

The Reluctant Theologian Podcast

Two Hyp Chicks Podcast

Heeya Korean 🎧 Korean Podcast + Transcript

RTTV Podcast

The Careless Talk Climbing Podcast

The Elden Ring Podcast

The God of War Podcast


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