Podcasts Art Scam

Podcasts Art Scam

For Podcasts Art Scam, there are many podcasters who explored this topic. We found 25 of the best ones.

Crypto Waves: The Crypto Lark Podcast

Crypto Waves is the Crypto Lark Podcast, hosted by Richard Lark. This show focuses on the latest news, trends, and developments in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Richard interviews leading industry experts, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to the show. He also dives into topics such as mining, trading, and investing in cryptocurrency, and explores the potential of blockchain technology to transform the world. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay informed of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

American Scandal

This podcast from Wondery takes a look at some of the most notorious scandals in American history. Each episode examines a different scandal, exploring the people and events involved, how it unfolded, and the lasting impact it had. Through interviews with experts and eyewitnesses, the show gives an in-depth look at these infamous scandals and the people who caused them.


More Banana's podcast "ScamWow" examines the world of scams and cons, with stories of people who have been scammed, those who scam, and those who try to stop the scammers. Hosted by reporter Nick van der Kolk and producer Kaitlin Roberts, the podcast features interviews from people on the front lines of the fight against scammers, as well as victims who have been scammed themselves. The podcast provides insight into the latest scams and con artists, giving listeners the tools to protect themselves from becoming victims of scams.

ArtCurious Podcast

The ArtCurious Podcast is a show about the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful in art history. Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, a former museum professional, the show investigates unusual moments, people and places in the history of art and culture. In each episode, Jennifer dives into an interesting art history topic, exploring the curious stories behind famous works of art, lesser known masterpieces, and the characters that created and collected them. Each show features interviews with experts and historians from around the world, as well as fun, thought-provoking stories about art that you may never have heard of before. So tune in for an art history adventure!

The Perfect Scam

This AARP podcast episode discusses the perfect scam, a scam that is becoming increasingly common and hard to detect. It is a sophisticated scam in which scammers pretend to be a representative of a legitimate company, like Microsoft or a bank, and use social engineering tactics to trick unsuspecting people into giving them access to their computers or confidential personal information. The scammers then use the information to steal money or identity. The episode provides tips for avoiding this scam, such as never giving out personal information over the phone, not clicking on links from unknown sources, and being aware of “phishing” emails. It also explains how victims of the scam can protect themselves and how to report it to the authorities.


The Art School Podcast

The Art Marketing Podcast

Arts Academy Podcast

Art Sense


Scammer Stories


Scams & Cons

Art Slice - A Palatable Serving of Art History

Art Smart

Fashion Assassin Podcast

Arterprise - Dialoghi tra arte e aziende.

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

Art Smack

Art Crime Podcast

Scammercast Podcast - Awareness, Information and Education About the Most Prolific Scams Out There

The Artcast Podcast

Art Bust

Grifter: True Crime


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