Best Anime Podcasts

Best Anime Podcasts

When it comes to Best Anime Podcasts, there is no limit to the podcasters who explored this feeling. We wrote about 25 of our favorites.

Anime Addicts Anonymous

The Anime Addicts Anonymous podcast is hosted by four friends who are all passionate about anime. Each week, the hosts dive into their latest anime obsessions, discuss anime-related news, and share their thoughts on the influence of anime in our culture. They also feature exclusive guest interviews with voice actors, anime directors, and other anime professionals. The podcast celebrates the power of anime and its ability to bring people together and create a sense of community. From its origins in Japan to its current global reach, the Anime Addicts Anonymous podcast is an exploration of the world of anime for everyone.

Anime Out of Context

In Anime Out of Context, Shaun Rollins and Remington Chase discuss the world of anime from an outsider’s perspective. The podcast features a variety of special guests such as artists, writers, and anime fans to discuss interesting topics within the realm of Anime, such as the history of the medium, its influence in pop culture, and much more. Shaun and Remington bring their own unique perspectives to each discussion, offering a fresh take on all things Anime.

My Animated Story

My Animated Story is a podcast that tells the real stories of people's lives using animation. The stories range from funny, to heartbreaking, to inspirational, and everything in between. Each episode features a different storyteller, who shares the highs and lows of their life, and the animation brings those events to life in vivid detail. The stories often provide an intimate look into the lives of the storytellers, giving listeners a chance to relate to their struggles and triumphs. My Animated Story is an engaging and powerful way to experience the stories of people from all walks of life, and to learn from their experiences.

Featured Anime Podcast

The Featured Anime Podcast takes the listener through the history of anime, discussing the biggest anime franchises and titles, and breaking down their stories, characters, and themes. They also cover the latest news and reviews of upcoming and current anime, as well as giving recommendations of shows to watch. The show also features interviews with industry professionals, giving the listener a unique insight into the world of anime.

Rant Café Anime Podcast

Rant Café Anime Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by the Rant Cafe team. The podcast covers the latest anime news, reviews, and opinions. The show is hosted by three anime fans and features guests from the anime industry. The show also features reviews of the latest anime releases, discussions of anime conventions, and interviews with anime creators. The podcast also covers topics such as anime-related trends, fan culture, and other topics related to the world of anime.

Animation Industry Podcast

The Animation Industry Podcast is a podcast that explores the creative and technical aspects of the animation industry. Hosted by professionals in the industry, the podcast covers topics such as the history of animation, current trends in the industry, tips and tricks for creating animation, interviews with industry professionals, and much more. The podcast also serves as an educational resource for anyone interested in the animation industry, providing listeners with valuable insights and information that can help them succeed in their careers.

The Anime Podcast

The Anime Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Shane Salmon that covers a range of topics related to the world of anime. The podcast features interviews with creators and fans of anime, reviews of the latest anime shows and movies, and discussions of the culture around anime. Shane also takes time to discuss the history of anime and manga, the science and philosophy behind anime, and how the industry and fan base have changed over the years. He also looks at how anime is changing and growing in popularity, and how it is influencing the world outside of Japan.

Otaku Spirit Anime

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Anime SHUN

Strictly Anime

The Best Friends Podcast

I Married a Weeb - Anime Podcast

Beyond the Basement: The Anime Breakdown Podcast

Anime Safe Space Podcast

Anime & Manga Club

My Favorite Anime

The Big Three: An Anime Podcast

Best of the Worst


Golden's Anime What ifs

When Animals Attack Podcast

From Pencils to Pixels: The Animation Celebration Podcast

Noodle Shop

animal crossing: new leaf music ( slowed + rain )


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