Best Podcasts To Learn About History

Best Podcasts To Learn About History

Have you heard all of these Best Podcasts To Learn About History? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. We gathered 25 of the best ones.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a podcast hosted by Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey that explores a wide range of topics related to history. Every episode features a different topic, ranging from obscure historical figures to significant moments in history. They cover everything from ancient civilizations to the twentieth century, providing interesting and entertaining stories, facts, and anecdotes. With their entertaining and knowledgeable hosts, Stuff You Missed in History Class is sure to educate and entertain listeners of any age.

History Unplugged Podcast

In this podcast, Scott Rank, PhD, takes a deep dive into the many different fascinating aspects of history. Each episode focuses on an interesting historical event, person, or theme, and features interviews with leading historians, authors, and other experts. The episodes cover both ancient and modern history and bring history to life in an entertaining and accessible way. The podcast also has occasional roundtable discussions on topics such as the history of philosophy, science, or literature. Whether you're a fan of the past or looking to learn more about it, the podcast is sure to enlighten and entertain.

History of the World podcast

Chris Hasler's History of the World podcast is an educational show that covers a wide variety of topics from ancient to modern times. Each episode focuses on a different topic, such as the rise of empires, the discovery of new lands, the history of religion, the development of science and technology, and the changing roles of women throughout history. Through lively and engaging conversations between Hasler and his guests, the show offers a comprehensive overview of events and ideas that have shaped the history of our world.


History This Week is a podcast from The HISTORY Channel that provides a weekly recap of the biggest stories in history and the top events of the week. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist and host of HISTORY's Daily Wrap, Liz Wahl, this podcast takes a deep dive into current events and historical context. Each week, Liz interviews historians, authors, and experts to provide an in-depth look at a variety of topics such as the American Revolution, World War II, and the civil rights movement. The podcast also explores stories from the past in order to better understand the present. History This Week is an engaging and informative look at the past and its impact on the present day.

Horrifying History

In this episode of Horrifying History, hosts Dan and Jez discuss the more gruesome aspects of medieval England. They explore the history of torture, execution, and punishment methods used on criminals, as well as the notorious Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, who was accused of killing 600 people. They also discuss the Black Death, one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, and how it spread through medieval Europe. Dan and Jez provide insight on how these events shaped the world we know today.

Half-Arsed History

The Mad Scientist Podcast

The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

You're Dead To Me

High School History Recap

The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

Podcast by Proxy: Canadian True Crime

Vulgar History

Random History Podcast

The History Of The Evergreen State

Storical Podcast

History For Weirdos

Takeaways – A podcast about learning from the wisdom of others

History Uncovered

History of Everything

Conflicted: A History Podcast

Teaching History, Politics, and Stuff

Inside the Breakthrough - How Science Comes to Life

One Soldier Canadian History Podcast

History's Great Mysteries


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