Podcasts About Prison Reform

Podcasts About Prison Reform

Thinking about Podcasts About Prison Reform, there is no limit to the podcasters talking about this topic. Here are 23 of the best ones.

Prison Professors

In this podcast, Michael Santos of Prison Professors shares his personal story of spending 25 years in federal prison for drug trafficking and his mission to help other inmates through Prison Professors, a nonprofit organization he founded to help inmates and ex-offenders successfully reenter society. He explains how he cultivated a network of mentors to provide guidance on his education and rehabilitation while in prison, which enabled him to make the most of his time in prison. He also describes the challenges of the criminal justice system and how his program helps inmates utilize their time in prison to gain the skills and habits for success upon release. Finally, he shares his thoughts on the importance of reintegration and how he wants to ultimately see a society without prisons.

Wrongful Conviction

This episode of the Lava for Good Podcasts explores the stories of three men wrongfully convicted in the US and the struggles they faced while in prison. In the first story, Greg Wilson talks about his experiences being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of a woman he had never met. We hear the details of his case and the ordeal he went through to prove his innocence. In the second story, we hear from Christopher Tapp, who was wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of a teenage girl. We hear the details of his case and the journey he took to prove his innocence. Finally, in the third story, we hear from Thomas Haynesworth, who was wrongfully convicted of two separate rapes of two women. We hear the details of his case and the process he went through to clear his name and gain his freedom. The episode concludes with a discussion of the importance of the Innocence Project and how it can help those wrongfully convicted.

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