Paper Ghosts Podcasts

Paper Ghosts Podcasts

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The Paper Outpost - The Joy of Junk Journals!

In this podcast, Pam from The Paper Outpost shares her passion for creating and using junk journals. She starts off by explaining the history of junk journals and why they are so popular today. She then goes on to explain the supplies she uses and how to assemble a basic junk journal. She also talks about the different types of pages and inserts you can add to jazz up your journal. Finally, Pam shares some of her favorite ideas and tips for making the most of your journaling experience.

The Paper Dungeon Podcast

Paperback Warrior

Dark Future Dice | A Cyberpunk Red Podcast

Ghoul Gals

The Surgical Fiction Podcast

Paper Cuts Live

Paper Talk The Paperlover's Podcast

Paper News Out Loud

Paper Towns Audiobook by Mr. Gauntt

Say It In Red

Paper Ghosts

I Scare Ghosts

Paperback Pirates

The Treasured Paper - Junk Journals

The Cuckoo Town Podcast


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