Software Engineering Podcasts

Software Engineering Podcasts

For Software Engineering Podcasts, there are so many podcasters exploring this topic. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers

Software Engineering Radio is a podcast for professional software developers. It covers a wide range of topics related to software engineering, such as software architecture, software development, software testing, software project management, and software process improvement. It offers in-depth discussions with experts in the field, and provides insights into the latest trends and technologies in the software engineering world. The podcast also includes interviews with authors and practitioners, reviews of books and conferences, and discussions of current events in software engineering.

Soft Skills Engineering

In the Soft Skills Engineering podcast, Jamison Dance and Dave Smith discuss the importance of soft skills in the engineering field. They explain that while hard skills like technical knowledge and problem-solving are necessary for a successful career, it is soft skills like communication, collaboration, and self-reflection that are equally important. They suggest that through careful practice, engineers can hone these skills and become more effective communicators, collaborators, and problem-solvers. They also emphasize the importance of understanding how to work with different types of people and different types of teams in order to create a successful work environment. Finally, they provide tangible advice for engineers on how to develop their soft skills, such as actively seeking feedback, being open to criticism, and setting small goals.

Go Time: Golang, Software Engineering

This episode of the Changelog's Go Time podcast examines Golang - a programming language created by Google in 2009 - from the perspective of software engineering. The episode features an in-depth discussion with guest Kat Zien, software engineer at Okta, about her experience with Go, the benefits of Golang for software engineers, and her tips for getting started with the language. Zien also explains the importance of Go in the current tech landscape, and provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Go as a programming language. The episode also features a discussion of the challenges, changes, and impact of the language. Finally, the episode concludes with a brief Q&A session.

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The Backend Engineering Show with Hussein Nasser

Unprofessional Engineering


Engineering Culture by InfoQ

The Podcast Engineering Show

Fragmented - The Software Podcast

The Engineering Leadership Podcast

Kopec Explains Software

The Results Engine Podcast

Level-up Engineering

Software Engineering Unlocked

The Structural Engineering Channel

Develop Yourself

Software at Scale

CaSE: Conversations about Software Engineering

Computer Science/Software Engineering College Courses Review

Podcast Ruined by a Software Engineer

Software World with Candost

Software Stack Investing

Scaler - The Software Engineers' Podcast

Effective Engineering Manager


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