5 Minute Podcasts

5 Minute Podcasts

Have you heard these 5 Minute Podcasts? We know you'll find some new shows. We assembled 25 of the top ones.

5 Minutes

In this podcast, Mission To The Moon Media explores the idea of taking five minutes out of one's day to focus on self-care and reflection. The podcast focuses on the power of meditation and mindfulness, and how one can use these tools to relax and improve their emotional and mental well-being. The podcast also emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself, and how it can benefit your overall physical and mental health. Additionally, the podcast discusses the benefits of taking five minutes to be mindful, such as increasing self-awareness, improving concentration, and helping to manage stress. Finally, the podcast provides listeners with tangible tips on how to incorporate five minutes of meditation into their daily routine.


"Five Minute News" is a daily podcast from Evergreen Podcasts that covers the top headlines from around the world in just five minutes. Each episode features a brief overview of the day’s most important news stories and includes analysis from expert guests. The topics discussed range from politics and international affairs to business and technology, and the podcast also features special segments that dive deeper into certain topics. The podcast is hosted by journalist Laura Lynch and is perfect for those who want to stay informed but don’t have much time.

The 5 Minute Discipleship Podcast

The 5 Minute Discipleship Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Loren Hicks, a Christian pastor and speaker. The podcast is focused on helping Christians grow deeper in their faith and become more effective in their walk with God. The podcast is centered around five-minute-long episodes, during which Hicks discusses a specific topic related to discipleship, such as prayer, the Bible, and relationships. He provides practical tips and insight for listeners to implement into their daily lives. Hicks also offers a weekly prayer for encouragement and reflection. The podcast is a great resource for Christians looking to deepen their relationship with God and foster spiritual growth.

5 Minutes in Church History

This podcast from Ligonier Ministries offers a brief look into the history of Christianity, focusing on historical figures, biblical events, and key theological doctrines. Each episode is roughly five minutes long and is narrated by church historian Dr. Stephen Nichols. Topics range from the 5 Solas of the Protestant Reformation to the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. In each episode, Dr. Nichols provides an interesting overview of the topic and encourages listeners to explore the story further. This podcast is a great resource for those looking for a quick but informative introduction to Christian history.

PragerU: Five-Minute Videos

PragerU is an organization that produces five-minute videos on a wide range of topics, from current events to history and philosophy. The videos feature experts from around the world speaking on a variety of issues and topics, with each video focusing on one key takeaway. The videos are designed to give viewers a better understanding of the world around them and challenge them to think more deeply about the issues they encounter. The videos are also designed to be easy to digest and are accompanied by additional reading material and resources to further explore the topics covered. PragerU hopes that the videos will help viewers make better informed decisions and foster critical thinking.

The 5 Minute Basketball Coaching Podcast

The 5 Minute Basketball Coaching Podcast from Steve Collins of Teachhoops.com is a short weekly podcast that provides basketball tips, drills, and strategies for coaches, players, and parents. Each episode is roughly five minutes long and covers topics such as offensive and defensive principles, practice planning, youth coaching, and player development. The podcast also includes interviews with former and current basketball pros who share their insights and advice. Collins keeps the podcast lively and fun, making it a great resource for those looking to improve their basketball knowledge.

5 Minute Biographies

5 Minute Biographies is a podcast dedicated to learning about the lives of famous and influential people from around the world. Each episode is a five-minute biography of someone whose life and accomplishments have had a positive impact on our world. Each episode provides a brief summary of the person's life, including their accomplishments, struggles, and their lasting legacy. The podcast also provides interesting facts about the person and their impact on society. 5 Minute Biographies is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and engaging way to learn about inspiring people from history.

5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

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The 5 Minute Mom Podcast

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Wait Five Minutes

Five Minute Manifesting

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5 Minute Flash Card

Five Minute Meditations

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5-Minute Meditations

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5-Minute Fever

Spanish in 5 minutes

Carnivore Diet

5 Minuten Harry Podcast von Coldmirror


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