Haunting Podcasts

Haunting Podcasts

Ever hear these Haunting Podcasts? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Haunted Places

In this episode of Parcast's "Haunted Places" podcast, listeners are taken on a journey through some of the most haunted spots in the United States. From the legendary haunted Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California to the allegedly cursed Tower of London in Connecticut, the podcast delves into the legends, ghost stories, and history of each haunted location. Hosts Ashley and Brent explore the spooky stories behind each place and offer practical advice on how to stay safe when visiting them. Whether you're a ghost hunter or just curious about the paranormal, this podcast is sure to thrill and educate.

American Hauntings Podcast

American Hauntings Podcast is a bi-weekly paranormal podcast hosted by Cody Beck and Troy Taylor. It focuses on the supernatural and paranormal stories from all across America. They cover urban legends, ghost stories, haunted places, supernatural phenomena, strange creatures, and more. Guests on the show include paranormal authors, historians, and researchers who discuss their own experiences and research. Each episode features discussions of hauntings, personal experiences, folklore, and supernatural phenomena. The podcast also features interviews with eyewitnesses of hauntings and other supernatural phenomena.

The Grave Talks | Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural

Real Hauntings Real Ghost Stories

Forever Haunted Podcast

The Haunted Estate with CelinaSpookyBoo

Let's Get Haunted


Southern Haunts

Your Haunted Holiday

Kentucky History & Haunts

Haunting History Podcast

True Hauntings

True Hauntings & Scary Stories

Haunted History Chronicles

Historically Haunted

It's Haunted...What Now?

Unexpected Hauntings

Parkdale Haunt

Haunted American History

Haunted Road

Haunted UK Podcast

HAUNTED: The Audio Drama

Haunted House Flippers

Haunted Mitten Podcast


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