Therapy Podcasts

Therapy Podcasts

Multiple personalities have reported on Therapy Podcasts. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Hypnosis and relaxation |Sound therapy

This podcast from F7 explores the benefits of hypnosis and relaxation techniques as a form of sound therapy. It discusses the relaxation response and its benefits, along with the use of sound as a tool for healing. The podcast also covers the history of hypnosis and relaxation, as well as the different types of hypnosis and relaxation techniques available. It covers topics such as guided imagery, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis. Lastly, the podcast offers tips and advice on how to practice these techniques and how to find a qualified hypnotherapist.

The Angry Therapist Podcast

The Angry Therapist Podcast is a conversational podcast created by John Kim, a licensed therapist. In each episode, he interviews individuals from all walks of life, from celebrities to everyday people. Through these conversations, John and his guests explore the theme of living a life of purpose and authenticity. In each episode, John encourages his guests to reflect on the things that have shaped their life and how they can use their own experiences to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. The show also features advice from John on topics ranging from how to find purpose to self-care and personal growth.

Therapy Chat

In this podcast episode from Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, she interviews Dr. Sharon Stanley, a licensed therapist and the founder of Summit Counseling Solutions. In their conversation, they discuss the importance of therapy, different types of therapy, and how to find the right therapist. Dr. Stanley also shares tips for clients to make the most out of their therapy sessions. They discuss the importance of self-care, compassion, and the power of human connection. The podcast is intended to educate those interested in therapy, and provide insight into the different approaches and benefits of therapy.

Teenager Therapy

Teenager Therapy is a podcast from Flighthouse that explores the issues and challenges teenagers face today. The podcast is hosted by a group of teenage friends who talk about various topics ranging from mental health, relationships, stress, and more. Each episode features a different guest who shares their story and experiences, offering advice and support to teenagers. The podcast aims to create a safe space for teenagers to talk about the issues that matter to them.

Therapist Uncensored Podcast

This podcast is a weekly series hosted by Sue Marriott, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Group Psychotherapist, and Ann Kelley, a clinical psychologist. Each episode focuses on a different topic related to mental health, including self-care, therapy techniques, mental health resources, and more. The aim of the podcast is to provide listeners with tips and tools to build resilience, better their mental health, and make positive changes in their lives. It is a great resource for those already in therapy, those who are curious about therapy, and those who are looking to learn more about mental health.

Therapy Gecko

In this podcast, Lyle Drescher interviews Chris, a “therapy gecko”. Chris is a reptile therapist who works with people struggling with mental health issues or physical disabilities to help them manage their feelings and symptoms. He works with a wide variety of animals, including lizards, snakes, and geckos. Chris explains how his work is different than traditional therapy and how he has seen positive results with his clients. He also shares some tips on how to keep your pet gecko happy and healthy.

The Trauma Therapist

Finding You: An Evoke Therapy Podcast

The Anxious Therapist

Therapy for Black Girls

The Modern Therapist's Survival Guide with Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy

Couples Therapy

NPTE Clinical Files | Physical Therapy


Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast


Psychoanalysis: A Horror Therapy Podcast

My Therapist Ghosted Me

Therapy in a Nutshell

Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch

Therapy Thoughts

So My Mom's A Therapist Podcast

The Therapy Podcast

The Therapy Explained Podcast



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