Best True Horror Podcasts

Best True Horror Podcasts

Have you heard these Best True Horror Podcasts? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Unexplained Encounters

In this podcast, host Grant Lingel investigates mysterious and unexplained encounters told by real people. Each episode dives deep into the stories, examining evidence and other theories in order to uncover the truth. From haunted houses to alien abductions, this podcast will leave you wondering if these stories are real or just tall tales. With thoughtful interviews and a skeptical eye, Unexplained Encounters takes listeners on a journey into the unknown.

Horror Hill: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast

Horror Hill is a horror anthology and scary stories podcast series from Chilling Entertainment, LLC & Studio71. The podcast tells classic horror stories and introduces new, original tales of terror. Each episode features a unique story, such as tales of the supernatural, monsters, ghosts, and other horror topics. The podcast is hosted by Jason Hill, and features sound design, music, and a voice cast to give the stories an added layer of atmosphere and drama. With a mix of classic literature and modern horror, Horror Hill is sure to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Real Ghost Stories Online

The Evolution of Horror

Demon Creep Podcast | Creepypasta Storytelling

The Haunted Heart Podcast

Disturbed: True Horror Stories

Whores Talk Horror

Horror Fictional and True Stories

NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Fiction Podcast

Nightmare Society

KCW Stories - Horror Crime Thrillers

True Crime Horror Story Podcast

Cruel & Unusual: A True Crime Podcast

True Hollywood Crime

Knifepoint Horror

TDN Horror Stories

Not Your Normal Horror


Spread The Dread Podcast

Besties, Boos and Booze Podcast

Healthcare Horrors

Acephale: Horror Fiction

Healthcare Horrors podcast

Live Laugh Murder Podcast


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