Podcasts About Upshift

Podcasts About Upshift

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Shift Starter

In this episode of the Shift Starter podcast, Anthony Trucks speaks with life coach and motivational speaker Shanna Skidmore. She shares her story of losing a high-powered executive job and how she managed to turn her life around by jumping into the world of health and wellness. She talks about her journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor, the importance of asking yourself the right questions, and how to make shifts in your life to get to the place you want to be. She also speaks about the power of connection and how to truly listen to ourselves and others. She ends with some powerful advice on how to become unstoppable as you continue to make positive changes in your life.

Upside Strength Podcast

Upside Strength Podcast is a show hosted by Sean Seale which focuses on helping people find strength and motivation within themselves. It features interviews with inspiring guests and provides practical advice on topics such as goal setting, working on personal development, and finding the courage to make lasting changes in life. Additionally, listeners can gain insight from Sean’s own experiences and lessons he has learned from others. This podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Original Science Fiction – Makeshift Stories

In this podcast, Alan V Hare explores the science fiction genre by presenting a series of original stories that he has created himself. He starts off with a story called "Makeshift Stories" which is about a group of scientists on a distant planet who are trying to create a new form of life. He then moves on to three other stories: "The Hive Minds," "The Time Traveler" and "The Wormhole". These stories explore various aspects of science fiction, such as artificial intelligence, time travel, and alternate realities. Each story is accompanied by an original score, making it an enjoyable and immersive listening experience.


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The Upshift Podcast

Makeshift Podcast

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Mindshift Mastery

The Upshift

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