Superhero Podcasts

Superhero Podcasts

Multiple personalities have reported on Superhero Podcasts. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Superhero Stuff You Should Know - by SuperHouse

SuperHouse Podcast's Superhero Stuff You Should Know is a podcast dedicated to diving deep into the world of superheroes. Hosts Alex and Don, two lifelong fans of superheroes, discuss the history and evolution of the genre, debate their all-time favorite characters, and analyze the latest films and television shows in the superhero universe. From Marvel to DC, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, offering insights into the creative decision-making processes, industry trends, and the impact of superheroes on popular culture. The podcast also features interviews with acclaimed comic book artists, writers, and other industry professionals, offering listeners a unique behind-the-scenes look at the world of superheroes.

Talk From Superheroes

This podcast from the From Superheroes Network is all about creating conversations about superhero content and culture. Hosts Kahlil and Chris explore popular topics such as superhero movies, comics, games, and television shows. They also discuss current superhero news and trends, as well as the history and legacy of the superhero genre. Each episode features interviews with creators and industry professionals, as well as commentary and opinions from the hosts. Tune in and join the conversation!

Bobby Wonder: Superhero Adventure Stories for Kids

This podcast is a series of superhero adventure stories for kids, starring Bobby Wonder, a young boy who gains the power to do amazing things. Each episode tells a new story, such as saving a city from an alien invasion, stopping a mad scientist’s plot to take over the world, or rescuing a princess from a magical kingdom. Along the way, Bobby is joined by his friends and allies, who help him face the challenges that come his way. With humor, excitement, and a positive message, Bobby Wonder’s stories teach children that anything is possible when you use your imagination.

Superhero Ethics

In this podcast, Superhero Ethics explores the ethical implications of superhero stories and examines the moral dilemmas faced by comic book characters. It looks at the tensions between justice and revenge, the limitations of power, and the responsibilities of those with superhuman abilities. It also examines how superheroes might be used as a tool for inspiring people to do good in the world. Finally, it explores how comic books can teach us valuable lessons about morality and justice.

Castle Super Beast

Superhero Rewind

Mamma Superhero

Superhero Therapy Podcast

SuperHero Homies!

Legends: A Superhero Story

Bharat Ke Aslee Superheroes (Hindi Mythology Podcast)

Superhero Slate

Superhero Deep Dive

The SuperHero Lifestyle Show


Superhero Century

Bedtime Stories - Superheros!

Bat Therapy: Psychology of Batman and other Comic Superheroes

The Biology of Superheroes Podcast

Superhero Confidential

The How to Kill a Superhero Podcast

Superhero Origin Stories

The Superhero Complex

Superhero Spectating

Batman: The Audio Adventures


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