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It Podcasts

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It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast

It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by four longtime fans of the Pokemon franchise. The hosts discuss the latest news and updates in the Pokemon world, provide deep dives into the game series and its characters, analyze the competitive aspects of the game, and more. They also feature news and interviews from game developers, tournament players, and others involved in the Pokemon world. It's the perfect podcast for any Pokemon fan looking for an in-depth look into the world of Pokemon.

Professor Messer's A+ Study Group

Professor Messer's A+ Study Group is a weekly podcast hosted by Professor Messer, an experienced IT professional and CompTIA A+ certification expert, to help listeners prepare for the latest CompTIA A+ certification exams. Each episode of the podcast focuses on a different topic related to the CompTIA exam, discussing key concepts and providing tips and advice on how to most effectively prepare for and pass the exam. Professor Messer also provides free video lectures, challenge exams, and lab simulations on his website to further assist his listeners in their studies.


Master I.T. is a podcast that helps IT professionals and aspiring IT professionals learn the latest trends and technologies in the world of information technology. Hosted by IT expert and entrepreneur, Johnny Green, the podcast covers topics such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, DevOps, enterprise architecture, and more. In addition, Master I.T. provides tips and best practices for starting and growing your IT career, as well as interviews with successful industry professionals. With a focus on practical advice and real-world experience, Master I.T. aims to provide actionable knowledge to help IT professionals enhance their skills and advance their careers.

What if it's True Podcast

The “What if it's True Podcast” is hosted by Cameron Buckner and explores the idea that there is more to life than what can be seen. Each episode focuses on a different topic that questions the beliefs we hold about life and the universe. Buckner interviews spiritual teachers, authors, and other experts to spark thought-provoking conversations about topics such as consciousness, the afterlife, and the power of meditation. The podcast aims to inspire its listeners to look beyond their own reality and open their minds to the possibility of a greater truth.

AWS Podcast

Keep It!

Podcast Italiano


Untold Italy travel podcast


Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

It's Me, Tinx

Believe It! A Naruto Podcast

noobs // a NetworkChuck Podcast

Just Roll With It

Joyce Meyer's Talk It Out Podcast

Not Past It

Podcast 100% in Italiano, by Italy Made Easy



Computer Science/Software Engineering College Courses Review

Into It: A Vulture Podcast with Sam Sanders

Der Assecor IT-Podcast

PODKOM - der IT Podcast für Unternehmen

I.T. Career Questions


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