Scariest True Crime Podcasts

Scariest True Crime Podcasts

Have you heard all of these Scariest True Crime Podcasts? We think you'll find some new shows. Here are 23 of the top ones.


The podcast “Creepy” from Bloody FM is a horror-based podcast series that delves into the mysterious and unexplained cases of the paranormal. Hosted by creator and horror enthusiast, Stephen King, the show takes an in-depth look into the world of hauntings, hauntings, ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange phenomena. Each episode features interviews with experts in the field, as well as first-hand accounts from people who have experienced the supernatural firsthand. With each episode, Stephen King delves deeper into the unknown, exploring the dark stories that lie beneath the surface of our world.

Scary Mysteries

"Scary Mysteries" is a podcast from Scary Mysteries, hosted by Rob Price, that explores the most mysterious and spooky stories and legends from around the world. Each episode dives into a different story or legend, from the strange and unexplainable, to the paranormal and supernatural. Price interviews experts and researches to uncover the truth behind these mysteries. The podcast also features true crime stories, cryptids, unsolved mysteries, haunted places, and dark history.

Unexplained Encounters

This podcast from the Eeriecast Network features true stories of unexplained encounters and more that are shared from listeners around the world. Through these stories, host Matt Staggs delves into the weird, the eerie, and the mysterious. He examines these tales of the paranormal, cryptozoology, supernatural, and encounters with strange creatures and bizarre events. Each episode brings a new, riveting, and sometimes spine-chilling story that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Scary Horror Stories by Dr. NoSleep

In this podcast, Dr. NoSleep tells a variety of spooky and horror stories. He shares stories of supernatural beings, strange encounters, and other eerie happenings. He discusses the psychological and physiological effects of horror, and how it can affect us. He also goes in-depth into the history of the genre, and how it has evolved over time. Finally, he provides advice on how to stay safe in a horror-filled environment.

That's Spooky

Our True Crime Podcast

Something Scary

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast

Bedtime Stories

Disturbed: True Horror Stories

Chardonnay & DNA

Nightmare Nation

Nightmare Society

Every Town

Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

Show Me Scares

Crimehub: A True Crime Podcast

True Scary Story

Park Predators

Another Spooky Podcast

Creeps & Coffee

Murder, Mystery, and Mac 'N' Cheese

Just Creepy: Scary Stories


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