Podcasts Genres

Podcasts Genres

Many podcasters have explored Podcasts Genres. We put together 25 of the best ones.

Dueling Genre Productions

In this podcast, hosts Alex and Austin explore the history and present of different genres within the entertainment industry. Each episode focuses on a different genre such as horror, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and more. They discuss the history of the genre, how it has changed over the years, and some of the most notable examples. They also interview creators of these genres and discuss their creative process and how they bring their visions to life. This podcast is a great way to learn more about the entertainment industry and how different genres have evolved over time.

The GenreVerse Podcast Network by LRM Online

The GenreVerse Podcast Network by LRM Online is a new podcast network dedicated to exploring the movie and entertainment industry from a fan’s perspective. Hosted by LRM Online, the network features weekly podcasts hosted by industry professionals and popular guests. The podcast’s topics range from movie reviews to industry news and awards coverage. It also features interviews with filmmakers, actors, producers, and other entertainment professionals. With the GenreVerse Podcast Network, LRM Online aims to provide fans with an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the movie and entertainment industry.

GoodTrash GenreCast

GoodTrash GenreCast is a bi-weekly podcast from GoodTrash Media that celebrates all things genre – from sci-fi and fantasy to horror and action. Each episode features guests who are experts in the genre and have a passion for it. Hosts Shea and Madeline dive deep into the genre’s history, its influence on culture, and its current popularity in media. They also chat with fans of the genre and discuss the latest releases, from books and television to movies and video games. Episodes also feature news and reviews, making GoodTrash GenreCast a must-listen for anyone interested in the genre landscape.

Lost Genre Reddit Stories

Lost Genre Reddit Stories is a podcast featuring stories from Reddit, the popular online forum. Each episode features a different genre, including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. The podcast follows members of Reddit as they tell stories and share their experiences. The hosts take a deep dive into the stories, picking up on interesting points and investigating the truth behind the tales. Through these conversations, listeners gain insight into the different genres and their associated subreddits.


This episode of GenreVision features hosts Drew Dietsch and Travis Newton discussing the latest in genre-focused entertainment news. They talk about the new series from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins entitled I Am the Night, the highly anticipated sequels for both The Craft and The Matrix, and the newest casting news for the upcoming Birds of Prey film. They also discuss the upcoming Guillermo del Toro project, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, as well as the success of the recent horror hit Happy Death Day 2U. Lastly, they look at the news of a possible sequel to the cult classic Donnie Darko, the remake of the horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street, and the latest trailer for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Genre Geeks

The Genre Geeks Cast is a podcast that celebrates all things genre entertainment. Each week, hosts Riley and Jake discuss the latest news and reviews in television, film, video games, comics, and more. They share their thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not, and provide a light-hearted, entertaining, and informative take on the genre entertainment world. With topics ranging from superhero movies to zombie TV shows, the Genre Geeks Cast offers a unique insight into the genre entertainment industry.

The Generation Why Podcast

The Beginner Photography Podcast

Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast

The Liturgists Podcast

Post Show Recaps: TV & Movie Podcasts from Josh Wigler and Friends

Hood Cash Radio: Podcast Edition

Genre Junkies | Book Reviews

Stoner Chicks Podcast

Genre Geschehen


The Desi Crime Podcast

Genre Exposure: A Film Podcast

Rebelles du genre.

Alchemy of Genres

You Can't Handle The Genre

Genre Blind

El Podcast de Genrry Rodríguez

Tor Presents: Voyage Into Genre

GenRe Bercengkrama


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