Podcasts About Music Production

Podcasts About Music Production

Thinking about Podcasts About Music Production, there are many hosts talking about this feeling. We listed 25 of our favorites.

One Heat Minute Productions

One Heat Minute Productions is a podcast hosted by Blake Howard, a film enthusiast and critic. The podcast takes an in-depth look at classic films and their iconic moments, exploring the deeper themes and ideas behind them. It covers everything from the history and production of the movie to interviews with the stars and filmmakers. Howard also covers the latest news and releases in the world of film and reviews new releases. This podcast is for serious film fans who want to delve deeper into their favourite movies and gain a better understanding of them.

Music Production Podcast

Music Production Podcast, hosted by Brian Funk, is an in-depth exploration of the craft of music production. The podcast focuses on exploring the art of creating and recording music and the variety of techniques and approaches to production. Topics discussed include the use of software and hardware technology, audio production, mixing and mastering, and other aspects of professional music-making. Additionally, the podcast features interviews with producers and musicians, and provides an array of production and recording tips. The podcast aims to provide a comprehensive guide to producing and recording music, while offering insight into the latest trends and techniques in the music production industry.

Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business

This podcast episode discusses all aspects of music production, audio engineering, and music business. Host Dee Kei dives into the technical and creative elements of making a great mix, as well as taking a look at the business side of the music industry. Topics include setting up a studio, tips and tricks for mixing, the importance of networking, and the basics of getting into music production and audio engineering. Dee Kei also interviews music producers and audio engineers who share insights and advice to help listeners create a successful career in music.

The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast

The Fix Podcast

Surely You Can't Be Serious Podcast

Music Pro Daily With Daniel Grimmett

Singing Mountain, A VGM Podcast


The Gilded Playlist - An Indie Music Recommendation Podcast

Things Musicians Don't Talk About

Inside The Mix | Music Production & Songwriting

Make Music Income

Ableton & Music Habits Podcast

Witnessed: Mystic Mother

The Music Plays the Band w/ Rob Koritz of Dark Star Orchestra

COUNTRY-Country Music

The Goblin Podcast - Musical Stories for Kids

THE PROMONEWS PODCAST - Talking Music Videos

Task, Time, Energy: The Purpose-Filled Productivity Podcast


Music Blocks

Sinless productions

LET'S TALK ABOUT DANCE. Tanztheater Calling

About the Music Industry: INDIE


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