Literature Podcasts

Literature Podcasts

For Literature Podcasts, there is no limit to the personalities talking about this feeling. We gathered 25 of the top ones.

New Books in Literary Studies

In this episode of New Books in Literary Studies, host Joanna Stalnaker interviews guest Christina Lupton about her new book, The Common School: Reading and the Literary Agenda in England, 1640-1670. Lupton explains how the concept of the common school, or the wide availability of reading materials in the seventeenth century, was an important factor in the development of the English literary canon and in the education of the general public. She discusses her research into the effects of the common school on the development of literary production, the role of reading in the civil war, and the effects of the common school on the writing of political and religious writers. The episode also features a discussion of the importance of literacy in the early modern period and the implications of Lupton’s findings for our understanding of the history of literature.

The Bible as Literature

In this podcast, the speaker discusses the importance of the Bible as literature, and how its themes and stories have been represented in various works of art throughout history. They delve into the aspects of the Bible that have made it so influential in terms of literature, such as its storytelling, characters, and its ability to evoke emotion. They discuss the literary techniques that are present in the Bible, such as metaphor, imagery, and symbolism. They also discuss the ways in which the Bible has been adapted and used as a source of inspiration in other works of literature. Lastly, they talk about the importance of studying the Bible as literature in order to gain a better understanding of its messages and themes.

The History of Literature

This podcast takes a deep dive into the history of literature, from its origins in ancient civilizations to the latest works of contemporary authors. Hosted by literary scholar Jack E. Wilson, the podcast has featured guests such as scholars, authors, and illustrators who provide insight and commentary on major works, authors, and periods of literature. In each episode, Jack explores the history of literature, focusing on different topics such as the origins of storytelling, the development of genres like epics and novels, and the impact of technology and media on modern literature. Through these conversations, listeners gain an appreciation for the art of storytelling and a greater understanding of the evolution of literature over the centuries.

Karla Reads the Classics - Making classic literature fun & accessible!

Karla Reads the Classics is a podcast that explores classic literature in an entertaining and accessible way. Hosted by Karla, each episode focuses on a particular book, giving an overview and analysis of the plot, characters, and themes. The podcast also provides a detailed summary of the work and offers thoughts on why the book is relevant today. Unlike other literature podcasts, this show also includes interviews with experts, authors, and others who have interesting perspectives on the work. Karla Reads the Classics is a perfect podcast for anyone looking to learn more about classic literature in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Relaxing Literature

In this episode of Relaxing Literature ASMR, host Alana reads from a young adult novel called "The Dreamer" by Pam Munoz Ryan. She reads two chapters of the story and provides a calming atmosphere with soft and gentle tones. Alana's voice is soothing and her narration is descriptive, painting a vivid picture of the scene. The story follows a young man named Santiago, who, despite profound deafness, is determined to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Alana takes her time to set the scene and capture the emotion of the characters. She also adds in some gentle whispering and sound effects to further embrace the calming and relaxing atmosphere. The podcast is a great way to unwind and relax with a good story.

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