Free Sounds For Podcasts

Free Sounds For Podcasts

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White Noise Sleep Sounds by Tmsoft

White Noise Sleep Sounds by Tmsoft is a podcast designed to help listeners fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The podcast features a wide range of white noise sounds, including natural sounds such as rain and thunder, as well as mechanical sounds like fans. Each episode is about thirty minutes long and features a blend of two or three different white noise sounds, allowing the listener to customize their listening experience. The podcast also features calming music in the background, helping the listener to relax and drift off to sleep.

Deep Sleep Sounds

Deep Sleep Sounds from Slumber Studios is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners get a more restful night’s sleep. Each episode features a selection of soothing sounds and relaxing music, designed to help listeners prepare for a good night’s rest. Episodes feature a variety of soundscapes, from ambient nature sounds to nature soundscapes, rain and ocean sounds, and more. Additionally, each episode features sleep tips and calming affirmations to help listeners relax and fall asleep more easily. The podcast is available for streaming and download, and is suitable for all ages.

Rain Sounds

This podcast from Sol Good Media takes listeners on a journey through the soothing, calming sound of rain. The show features rain soundscapes from around the world, from the rainforests of the Amazon to the English countryside, and explores the different types of rain, from gentle showers to powerful thunderstorms. The show also features interviews with rain connoisseurs, who discuss the science, mystery, and beauty of the rain. Through these conversations and soundscapes, the podcast provides an immersive experience that is both emotionally soothing and intellectually stimulating.

Sol Good Sounds

The Sol Good Sounds podcast is a weekly show that explores and celebrates the global culture of sound. Hosted by music industry veteran and entrepreneur Estevan Rodriguez, the show dives deep into the world of music, from the underground to the mainstream, with special guests from all aspects of the business. From producers and DJs to promoters and label heads, each episode serves as an exploration of sound, culture, and community. Topics range from the evolution of hip-hop and electronic music, to the impact of streaming services, to the impact of technology on the industry, and more. The podcast also provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and discuss their creative processes.

Islamic Books For Free

This podcast discusses different Islamic books that are available for free online. It outlines the purpose and value of these books, as well as the importance of having access to Islamic literature. The host also talks about some of the more popular Islamic books, such as the Quran and Hadith, and how they can be used to help guide a person’s life. Additionally, the podcast covers the different types of Islamic books that are available and how they can be beneficial to those seeking to understand more about the religion. Finally, the host concludes by giving some tips on where to find free Islamic books online and how to make sure they are authentic.

Nature Sounds for Sleep, Meditation, & Relaxation

This podcast, "Nature Sounds for Sleep, Meditation, & Relaxation" from Sleep Sounds, provides listeners with a chance to relax and enjoy the calming sounds of nature. It features a variety of tranquil sounds from rain, rivers, ocean waves, birds, crickets, and more. The podcast is designed to help listeners relax, sleep better, and ease anxiety and stress. Each track is unique and carefully crafted to be a calming and peaceful experience.

Brown Noise for Sleep

Over The Influence: The Alcohol Free Podcast

Early Retirement - Financial Freedom (Investing, Tax Planning, Retirement Strategies, Personal Finance)

Sound Retirement Radio

Jorgenson's Soundbox

Object Of Sound

12 Hour Sound Machines (no loops or fades)

Night Falls - Bedtime Stories For Sleep

Sleeping Buddha - deep sleep with nature sounds

Sound Sleep: Bedtime Stories & Guided Sleep Meditation - Time To Relax, Get Sleepy, & Fall Asleep

Live Sound Bootcamp

Anxiety Free Life Podcast - Create Your Anxiety Free Life

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

The Sound of IR Podcast

White Noise & Sleep Sounds (12 Hours)

Soundtrip with Jugs & Teddy

Sound of Our Town

Sounds for Deep Sleep: White Noise, Ambience, Nature Sounds

National Review's Radio Free California Podcast


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