Podcasts About Shitty Marriages

Podcasts About Shitty Marriages

Several hosts have reported on Podcasts About Shitty Marriages. Here are 25 of the top ones.

Cheating Wife and Girlfriends

In this episode of the Gawid Entertainment Podcasts, hosts Joe and Jenelle discuss the issue of cheating wives and girlfriends. They discuss why cheating happens, the impact it has on the relationship, and how it can be prevented. They talk about the different types of cheating and why it’s important to identify and address the underlying issues to stop it from happening. Finally, they provide advice on what to do if your partner is cheating and offer tips on how to rebuild the trust and strengthen the relationship.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

The ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, who have been married for over 20 years. They discuss topics related to marriage and relationships including communication, intimacy, respect, trust, finances and more. They also provide practical advice on how to make your marriage great, as well as inspiring stories from other couples. The podcast is meant to help couples create an extraordinary marriage out of the ordinary.

Sexy Marriage Radio

Sexy Marriage Radio is a podcast hosted by Dr. Corey Allan, a marriage and family therapist. The podcast is designed to help couples learn how to create and sustain a strong, healthy, and exciting marriage. Each episode focuses on a different topic related to marriage—from communication, to passion, to finances. Dr. Allan provides tips and advice on how couples can improve their relationship, and conversations with guests provide insight and wisdom into different aspects of marriage. He also dives into topics like addiction, intimacy, and mental health. The podcast aims to help couples create better marriages with more passion, connection, and understanding.

Focus on Marriage Podcast

The Focus on Marriage Podcast from Focus on the Family is a weekly podcast that explores the joys and challenges of marriage. Hosted by popular Focus on the Family authors and marriage experts, each episode focuses on a specific topic concerning married life, such as communication, conflict resolution, and the importance of date night. Through practical advice, biblical principles, and interviews with couples, the podcast helps couples strengthen their marriage and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.

Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce

In this podcast, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes discuss a broad range of topics related to relationships, including marriage and sex, limerence, and how to avoid divorce. They discuss the common emotions involved in marriages and how to manage them, the importance of communication between partners, and the need to recognize individual differences and respect them. They also talk about the concept of limerence and how it affects relationships, as well as the five most common reasons couples give for getting a divorce. Finally, they discuss strategies for avoiding divorce and how to foster a healthy marriage.

Fierce Marriage

Fierce Marriage is a podcast hosted by Ryan and Selena Frederick, a married couple who provide biblical advice and guidance to help couples cultivate healthy, lasting marriages. Ryan and Selena discuss a wide range of topics related to marriage, from communication to sex and passion, as well as real-life stories from their own marriage and from listeners. They offer practical advice, supplemented with scripture and prayer, to help couples overcome the challenges that come with marriage and to achieve a healthier, more vibrant relationship. The podcast also includes interviews with relationship experts, offering additional insight and wisdom.

The Naked Marriage with Dave & Ashley Willis

In this podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis, marriage coaches and authors, share their insights about how couples can build strong, healthy marriages. They offer practical tips on how to communicate better, strengthen trust, and foster connection in marriage. They encourage couples to be vulnerable and honest with each other, to show love and appreciation for each other, and to be willing to work on their relationship. They also discuss difficult topics such as infidelity, how to reconcile after a fight, and how to maintain a healthy sex life. Ultimately, their message is that marriage is about more than just love; it’s about hard work, communication, and understanding.

Marriage Therapy Radio

Marriage Therapy Radio is a podcast hosted by Dr. Jamie Long, an experienced marriage and family therapist. In each episode, she explains the nuances of marriage and relationships, helping couples to navigate the complexities of their relationships. She draws on the latest research, her own years of experience, and real-life stories from her clients to create a holistic approach to understanding, rebuilding, and strengthening relationships. From communication breakdowns, to managing expectations, to infidelity and beyond, Dr. Long’s goal is to help couples identify and resolve the issues that are getting in the way of their happiness.

Marriage and Martinis

Marriage and Martinis is a podcast hosted by Danielle and Adam, a married couple who are passionate about talking about relationships, marriage, and parenting. Each episode they dive into a different topic related to marriage, parenting, and relationships, offering their personal experiences, anecdotes, and advice. Some topics they have discussed on the podcast include communication in relationships, finding balance in marriage, setting boundaries, and handling difficult conversations. They also share their own personal stories and experiences, including how they met, their wedding, and how they handle parenting different personalities. They also have a wide variety of guests on their show, ranging from relationship experts to fellow couples, to discuss topics related to marriage, parenting, and relationships.

The Save The Marriage Podcast

The Save The Marriage Podcast from Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D. is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping couples work through their struggles and save their marriage. Dr. Baucom provides practical advice for couples in all stages of their marriage, from those who are considering divorce to couples in long-term relationships. The podcast covers topics such as communication, trust, infidelity, and other common issues. Dr. Baucom also offers insight into the psychology of relationships and how to manage emotions during difficult times. He also provides strategies for couples to work together and create positive change in their relationship. The podcast also features interviews with couples who have successfully saved their marriage, sharing their stories and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Awesome Marriage Podcast

Trashy Divorces

MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen Evans

Save Your Marriage Podcast - Nicola Beer Relationship Advice

Secure Marriage Podcast

Enneagram and Marriage

Bare Marriage

Fight For Your Marriage Podcast

Strong Men Strong Marriages

The Stronger Marriage Podcast with Trey & Lea

Married Game Podcast

Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Sex Within Marriage Podcast : Exploring Married Sexuality from a Christian Perspective

Black Marriage Therapy

Messy Marriages Podcast


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