Things To Talk About On Podcasts

Things To Talk About On Podcasts

When it comes to Things To Talk About On Podcasts, there is no limit to the personalities reporting on this idea. We assembled 25 of the best ones.

3 Things

This podcast discusses three important things that can help people improve their daily lives: organization, efficiency, and positive affirmations. Hosts Felicia and Kiana explain that being organized can help reduce stress, save time, and make life easier, while being efficient can help you make the most of your time. Finally, positive affirmations can help you create a better mindset and increase your productivity. The hosts also provide tips and resources on how to get started with each of these three things.

Locked On Bulldogs - Daily Podcast On Georgia Bulldogs Football & Basketball

This podcast offers an in-depth look at the Georgia Bulldogs football and basketball programs. Hosts Brandon Adams and Patrick Garbin cover news and analysis, interviews with current and former players, coaches, and writers, and a look ahead to upcoming games and events. The podcast is released every weekday and provides a comprehensive look at the University of Georgia's football and basketball teams.

Talk Python To Me

This podcast is hosted by Michael Kennedy and features interviews with Python experts and enthusiasts from around the world. Topics include software development, Python programming language, computer science, data science, machine learning, web development, and more. Guests come from various backgrounds, including industry professionals, academics, and independent developers. The conversations explore a variety of topics related to Python, from the history and evolution of the language to best practices, tips, and tricks. The podcast also covers topics related to web development, databases, game development, DevOps, and more. Listener questions are also addressed, providing a unique insight into the world of Python.

We Say Things - an esports and Dota podcast with SUNSfan & syndereN

We Say Things is an esports podcast hosted by SUNSfan & syndereN, two professional esports commentators. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to the esports industry and focuses heavily on Dota 2. The hosts discuss their professional career, the current esports scene, and much more. They often share stories and anecdotes from their time in the Dota world, and provide advice and insight to their listeners. Their conversations often touch on topics such as player stories, team dynamics, tournament formats, and game design. The podcast also features interviews with industry professionals, which allow listeners to get an inside look into the esports industry.

Stranger Talk ( Stranger Things 4 )

This podcast discusses the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things, which is due to be released on Netflix in July 2021. Brysen Lee breaks down the various plot points that have been teased in the trailers, and speculates on what the new season might have in store for the characters and viewers. He also talks about the potential for a fifth season and where the show could go next. Finally, he shares his own thoughts and theories about the show, and offers his predictions about the upcoming season.

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

In this podcast, Glennon Doyle speaks candidly about how we can learn to do hard things in our lives, even during difficult times. She discusses the importance of being vulnerable and understanding that we all have our own struggles and insecurities, and that it is ok to acknowledge them. She talks about how taking risks and facing our fears can lead to positive changes in our lives and bring us closer to our goals. She also gives advice on how to stay resilient, such as surrounding yourself with supportive people, setting realistic goals and expectations, and having the courage to keep going, even when it seems impossible. Finally, she encourages listeners to recognize their own strength, and to remember that we can do hard things.

Locked On Phillies - Daily Podcast On The Philadelphia Phillies

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

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The Last Thing I Saw

Two Guys on Block Island

To Write Love on Her Arms

How to Sell Your Stuff on Etsy

CNN One Thing

All Things Roblox

Lets Talk About Smut

2 Dudes Talk Tattoos

Enjoy The Show: All Things Baseball News & Culture

hey, let's talk about..

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Let's Talk About Love

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We Should Probably Talk About That

Let’s Talk About It

One girl, one million things to talk about


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