Physical Therapy Podcasts

Physical Therapy Podcasts

Ever listen to these Physical Therapy Podcasts? We think you'll find some new shows. We listed 25 of the top ones.

MMOA Podcast - Physical Therapy | Fitness | Geriatrics

In this podcast, Dustin Jones, a physical therapist, discusses physical therapy, fitness, and geriatrics. He explains the different types of physical therapy, such as manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education, and how these can help people to improve their physical abilities. He also encourages people to stay active and fit as they age, and outlines the physical and psychological benefits of doing so. Furthermore, he talks about the importance of working with a physical therapist for geriatric care, and how physical therapy can help to improve the quality of life for elderly individuals. He also provides tips for staying active and healthy in old age.

NPTE Clinical Files | Physical Therapy

This episode of Clinical Files presents a discussion of the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), which is a comprehensive exam designed to ensure the safe and effective practice of physical therapy. Kyle Rice, host of the podcast, interviews physical therapists and physical therapy students to discuss the structure and content of the NPTE, strategies for preparing for the exam, and strategies for success on the NPTE. The podcast also provides valuable insights into the physical therapy profession, including licensure requirements and job prospects for physical therapists in the current job market.

The Paul Gough Audio Experience: Business Lessons for Physical Therapists

Pre-PT Grind | Physical Therapy School Podcast

Physical Therapy Owners Club

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast | Build a Successful Physical Therapy Business Without Relying on Insurance

The [P]Rehab Audio Experience

Therapy Insiders Podcast -->>Physical therapy, business and leaders

AAOMPT Podcast: Physical Therapy Interviews with Content Experts

JOSPT Insights

APTA Podcasts

Therapy in a Nutshell

The Sports Physical Therapy Academy Podcast

Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers

NPTE Studycast | Physical Therapy

PT Snacks Podcast: Physical Therapy with Dr. Kasey Hogan

The E3Rehab Podcast

PTA Elevation

Physical Therapy Session

Spill The OT: Real Talk Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology

OCS Field Guide: A PT Podcast

All Things Physical Therapy Podcast

The Beyond Physical Therapy Podcast

The Sports Physical Therapy Podcast

Psoas We Were Saying: A Physical Therapy Podcast


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