Real Estate Podcasts For Beginners

Real Estate Podcasts For Beginners

When it comes to Real Estate Podcasts For Beginners, there is no limit to the hosts reporting on this idea. We wrote about 25 of the best ones.

Real Estate Training & Coaching School

In this podcast, Tim and Julie Harris, real estate coaches, discuss the importance of having a real estate training and coaching school. They explain that having a school with experienced and knowledgeable instructors can help agents learn the basics of real estate, such as marketing, negotiation, and sales. They highlight the importance of having quality education to help agents maximize their success in the real estate industry. They also discuss the advantages of having an online school that agents can access from anywhere at any time. The Harris’s also share their own experience as successful real estate coaches and how they have helped agents grow their businesses and become more successful in the industry. The podcast concludes with the Harris’s offering advice to agents looking to start their own real estate school.

Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris | Investing for Beginners

In this podcast, Clayton Morris talks about how to invest in real estate. He covers topics such as what you need to know before investing, how to avoid common mistakes, and different types of real estate investments. He explains how to use leverage to increase your return on investment, how to evaluate properties, and the importance of building a solid team. Morris also explains the different types of financing available and how to find the right deals. Finally, he offers advice on how to stay motivated and stay in the real estate investing game.

Real Estate Rookie

Real Estate Rookie is a podcast from BiggerPockets that focuses on teaching new real estate investors the basics of the industry. The podcast covers topics such as real estate market analysis, financing strategies, and finding deals. Hosted by Brandon Turner, the podcast features interviews with successful real estate professionals, who share their stories and advice on how to get started in the industry. Additionally, the podcast has educational episodes that cover topics such as financial metrics, rental property management, and tax strategies. Real Estate Rookie is a great resource for anyone looking to get started in real estate investing.

Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners

Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners is a podcast about teaching basic financial literacy concepts to kids and beginners. It is hosted by financial expert, Rich Fonseca, and his co-host, Susan. In this episode, Rich and Susan discuss the concept of "pay yourself first" and provide tips on how to get started. They explain the importance of budgeting and saving, as well as how to set up a savings account and why it is important. They also provide examples of how to start investing in stocks and mutual funds and offer guidance on understanding the stock market. Finally, Rich and Susan discuss the importance of having a good credit score and why it is important for future loan and credit card applications.

Passive Real Estate Investing

Discount Property Investor Podcast

Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast

Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing

Rev Real Estate School | Top Real Estate Agent Training

Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast

CRE SharkEye Commercial Real Estate Show Hosted BY Yishai Breslauer

Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Guided Real Estate Investing by Simply Do It

The Real Estate Sales Podcast

So You Want to be a Real Estate Agent

DreamNation Real Estate Podcast with Casanova Brooks

Real estate for Beginner’s

Pass the Real Estate Exam with PrepAgent

Master Keys Podcast

Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast

Real Estate 101 - The Investor's Podcast Network

Commercial Real Estate 101 Podcast

Full Time Real Estate Photographer

The Real Estate Marketing Podcast

Future Flipper Podcast


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