Weird Podcast Topics

Weird Podcast Topics

Ever listen to these Weird Podcast Topics? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved

Weird Darkness is a podcast hosted by Darren Marlar, and it focuses on stories of the paranormal, supernatural, legends, lore, mysterious, macabre, and unsolved. Darren Marlar brings stories to life with his narration and engaging sound effects, and the podcast covers a variety of topics such as ghosts, monsters, cryptids, and more. Guests are also featured to share their own experiences with the paranormal. The podcast is educational and entertaining, and it provides an exploration of the supernatural and mysterious.

The Weird Tales Podcast

The Weird Tales Podcast is a series of audio stories by Tycho Alhambra, a writer and storyteller. The stories feature horror, science fiction, and fantasy, with a focus on the weird. Each episode features a unique story told by Alhambra. Along with the stories, the podcast also features interviews with authors, musicians, and other professionals in the industry. The podcast is created for an adult audience, and its stories explore the darker and more mysterious side of life.

The Real Weird Sisters: A Harry Potter Podcast

Alice and Martha, two life-long Harry Potter fans, discuss the series in depth in The Real Weird Sisters podcast. From the main story arc to the characters to the themes of the books, Alice and Martha explore the series from a variety of angles. They also host special episodes devoted to exploring other Potter-related content such as movies, plays, and theme parks. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual admirer of the series, Alice and Martha’s thoughtful analysis of the stories and characters that make up the Harry Potter universe will leave you with a deeper understanding of the beloved series.

Weird Tales and the Unexplainable

In this podcast, Bob, Beef + Tiss discuss strange tales, creepy stories and the unexplainable. They talk about urban legends, mysterious creatures, ancient myths and tales of the paranormal. They explore the stories behind these peculiar tales and try to explain them. They also chat about the different ways in which people have tried to explain the unexplainable, from scientific theories to mystical beliefs. They also discuss the influence of the supernatural in popular culture, from movies and TV shows to video games and books. In the end, Bob, Beef + Tiss try to get to the bottom of these strange tales and uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.

We’re The Weird Ones Podcast

We’re The Weird Ones is a podcast hosted by two millennial women from different backgrounds, who have come together to discuss “all of the weird, wild things that make the world go round”. The podcast covers topics such as pop culture, relationships, mental health, and more, from both a personal and societal perspective, as the hosts explore all of the complexities of being a millennial in today’s world.

Weird Distractions

This podcast episode focuses on how people cope with and manage distractions in their everyday lives. It explores how certain types of distractions, such as technology, can be helpful or harmful depending on how they’re used, and offers advice on how to manage distractions in order to be more productive and successful. The podcast also covers topics related to distraction such as procrastination, focus, and the power of setting up routines. Additionally, the host interviews various experts and guests to get their perspectives on the topic.

The "Weird Al" Phabet

CreepGeeks Paranormal and Weird News Podcast

Weird Crap in Australia

Keep It Weird

Profiles In Eccentricity


The Weird History Eerie Tales Podcast

Weird Studies

The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

Weird Candy

Topics Under The Stairs

Weird Religion

Weird Web Radio

The Weird Girls Club

History For Weirdos

Strangeology Podcast: Exploring the World of Weird

The crazy podcast

Channel Weird!

Don't Be F*cking Weird


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