Podcasts About The Middle East

Podcasts About The Middle East

Several podcasters have explored Podcasts About The Middle East. We assembled 23 of our favorites.

New Books in Middle Eastern Studies

In this podcast, host Marshall Poe interviews author and historian Frederick Anscombe to discuss Anscombe's new book, "The Ottoman Road to War in 1914". Anscombe provides an in-depth overview of the book and shares his research findings on the events leading up to World War I and the Ottoman Empire's role in the conflict. He explains how the war began as a regional dispute that quickly turned into a global conflict, and the ways in which the Ottoman Empire's decisions contributed to the war. He also discusses how recent scholarship on the First World War has challenged the traditional narrative of the war and the role of the Ottoman Empire. Finally, Anscombe offers his thoughts on what the implications of his research can be for understanding the present day Middle East.

Legends of the Old West

Legends of the Old West is a podcast series from Black Barrel Media that takes a look at some of the most iconic figures of the American Wild West. Hosted by Jeff Hildebrandt, the series dives deep into the stories of outlaws, gunslingers, lawmen, and other figures from the Old West, exploring their lives and the legends that surround them. The podcast aims to bring to life the stories, events, and people of this exciting and turbulent period of history, from the perspective of both the historical record and the many legends that have been passed down over the years.

The Daily Coffee Pro Podcast by MAP IT FORWARD

History of the World podcast

On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti and Amberin Zaman, an Al-Monitor Podcast

Kerning Cultures

The Jedburgh Podcast

Halacha Headlines

This Is Palestine

The Middle-Aged Witch Podcast

Modern Middle Eastern Mentality

The Wild West Extravaganza

The Hotflash Inc podcast

The Chump In The East: MESBG Podcast

History of Middle-Earth Podcast

The Majlis

Pre History - the archaeology of the ancient Near East

Good News from the Middle East with Tom and JoAnn Doyle

Orient Express: Middle East History Podcast

Almanac – The Oxford Middle East Podcast

Second Breakfast: Discussing Middle Earth

Women of the Middle East

Preserving Palestine by GRAZIA Middle East


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