Podcasts About True Crime

Podcasts About True Crime

Have you heard all of these Podcasts About True Crime? We know for sure you'll find some new shows. We gathered 25 of our favorites.

True Crimecast

True Crimecast is an investigative podcast from Stove Leg Media that takes a deep dive into some of the world's most infamous unsolved cases. Each episode follows the host, Bill Taylor, as he interviews leading investigators, experts in true crime and family members of the victims. Along the way, Bill attempts to uncover new evidence, uncover hidden secrets and put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to solve the case. True Crimecast is an informative and thought-provoking podcast that is sure to keep listeners on the edge of their seat as Bill searches for the truth.

Once Upon A Crime | True Crime

Once Upon A Crime | True Crime is a podcast hosted by Esther Ludlow and Studio71 that delves into some of history's most intriguing and curious real-life criminal cases. Each episode focuses on a unique case and examines clues, testimonies, and other evidence, as well as the suspects, victims, and other individuals associated with the case. Episodes explore a range of topics, from historical figures and unsolved mysteries to notorious criminals and underreported cases. All episodes provide a comprehensive look at the case in question, and listeners can expect to come away with a better understanding of the case and its implications.

Our True Crime Podcast

Our True Crime Podcast is a podcast that explores some of the most notorious and often overlooked true crime cases in history. Each episode covers a different case from conception to resolution, giving listeners an in-depth analysis of the events, characters, and circumstances. Through interviews with experts, reports from the scene, and personal accounts, listeners gain a better understanding of the case and the criminal justice system. The podcast also provides a platform for victims and their families to share their stories and be heard. The host, a true crime enthusiast, provides thoughtful commentary while navigating the complex and often heartbreaking stories. Our True Crime Podcast offers a unique and compelling look into the world of true crime.

Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast

Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast for Millennials is an exciting and informative podcast that covers true crime cases from the perspective of two millennials. Hosts Kaitlyn and Lauren provide listeners with a fresh take on true crime by discussing unsolved mysteries, serial killers, and other fascinating topics. Each episode features a deep dive into a particular case, as well as in-depth conversations about the history, psychology, and sociology of crime. These two friends provide a unique and engaging perspective on true crime, offering both an educational and entertaining experience for listeners.

Housewives of True Crime

This podcast follows the stories of two housewives, Gretchen Macaulay and Tabitha Kane, as they explore some of the most notorious true crime cases. Each episode dives into a new case, ranging from the infamous JonBenét Ramsey to the lesser-known Hinterkaifeck murders, talking to experts and family members to get to the bottom of what happened. Along the way, they explore the darker side of humanity, the justice system, and the way our society defines crime and punishment. It's a fascinating look at some of the most notorious cases in history.

Inhuman: A True Crime Podcast

Inhuman is a true crime podcast that follows the stories of victims of horrific crimes and the justice that follows. Hosts Aaron Manke and Laura Pettler examine the psychological and emotional aspects of individual cases, as well as the social implications of such crimes. Each episode features interviews with victims, experts, and law enforcement personnel, as well as audio clips from the trial and court proceedings. The series covers stories ranging from murders and serial killers to abductions and sexual assault. Inhuman examines the dark side of humanity, seeking to understand why these terrible events occur and what can be done to prevent them in the future.

A True Crime Podcast

Crime Writers On...True Crime Review

Crimelines True Crime

Seeing Red A True Crime Podcast

True Crime Stories

Luminol | True Crime

Coffee and Cases Podcast

Creeps and Crimes

Pretend - a true crime documentary podcast

Mama Mystery - A True Crime Podcast

True Crime Creepers

Every Town

Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

Beyond Contempt True Crime

Always Time for True Crime

Mysteriously Listed True Crime

Can't Make This Sh*t Up: A True Crime Podcast


GRIMM: A True Crime Podcast


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