Parenting Podcasts

Parenting Podcasts

Ever hear these Parenting Podcasts? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. We gathered 25 of the best ones.

Parenting Today's Teens

In this podcast, Mark Gregston, the founder of Heartlight Ministries, offers parents advice and insight on how to best approach parenting teens in today’s world. He stresses the importance of having meaningful conversations with your teen and taking the time to understand what they are going through. He also encourages parents to be patient, loving, and consistent in their parenting, as well as to focus on having a relationship with their teen, rather than just relying on rules and punishment. He points out that it’s normal for teens to push back against their parents, but that it’s important to keep the lines of communication open and to focus on helping them learn from their mistakes. He also discusses the challenges of parenting in the digital age and the importance of staying connected to your teen in a healthy way.

Parenting Beyond Discipline

In this podcast, Erin Royer, MA Clinical Psychology and Child Development Specialist, discusses the concept of "parenting beyond discipline" and how it is a more effective approach to parenting. She shares how traditional methods of discipline, such as punishment, often fail to address the root cause of a child's misbehavior and may actually lead to more negative outcomes. Instead, she encourages parents to focus on understanding their child's needs and feelings, teaching children how to self-regulate, and providing a more supportive environment for children to grow and learn. Royer emphasizes the importance of developing a positive and trusting relationship between parent and child and shares several tips and strategies for parents to do this.

Calm Parenting Podcast

Kirk Martin’s Calm Parenting Podcast is designed to help parents better understand their children and find better ways to communicate and connect with them. Martin believes that the key to successful parenting is to create a positive and supportive relationship with your children. He shares tips and strategies to reduce stress, increase understanding, and build trust. He also covers topics such as understanding emotions, managing anger, setting limits, and problem solving. Through this podcast, parents can learn how to be the best parent they can be and raise happy, healthy children.

The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

The ADHD Smarter Parenting podcast is a podcast that offers advice and support for parents of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The podcast features interviews with experts in the field, discusses current topics related to ADHD, and offers tips and strategies on how to better manage and understand ADHD in children. The podcast also features stories from parents who have successfully navigated the challenges of parenting a child with ADHD.

Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast

Focus on the Family's Parenting Podcast provides parents with practical advice on raising children in today's world. Each episode features conversations between hosts and experts, who discuss topics such as discipline, communication, and education. The podcast also includes expert tips and tools to help parents navigate different parenting stages and decisions. Additionally, the podcast encourages parents to think outside of the box and find new ways to build strong and loving relationships with their children.

Raising Good Humans

This podcast from Dear Media and Aliza Pressman discusses how to raise good humans, with a focus on teaching children to be respectful, responsible, and kind. Pressman shares advice on how to create a home environment that is conducive to learning and understanding these values, as well as strategies for communicating with children of different ages and temperaments. She also covers topics such as discipline, self-care, and communication between parents. The podcast also features interviews with various experts in the field of parenting.

Peace and Parenting

In this podcast, Michelle Kenney, M. Ed discusses the importance of peace in parenting. She emphasizes that peace is the most important factor for parents when it comes to raising healthy, emotionally secure children. Kenney stresses the importance of establishing positive relationships with your children and creating an atmosphere of trust, respect, and understanding. She outlines some strategies for parents to create a more peaceful home environment, such as setting limits on acceptable behavior, focusing on the positive, and recognizing when your child needs more attention. Finally, Kenney encourages parents to take time for themselves and their own mental health in order to be better equipped to provide a peaceful and loving environment for their children.

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Peace and Parenting

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