Options Trading Podcasts

Options Trading Podcasts

When it comes to Options Trading Podcasts, there are so many podcasters talking about this idea. Here are 22 of our favorites.

How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by 10minutestocktrader.com

This podcast from Christopher M. Uhl, CMA, provides an introduction to stock and options trading. It begins by explaining the basics of the stock market, such as what stocks are, how to buy and sell them, different types of orders, and how to calculate profits and losses. Uhl then provides an overview of options trading, including the basics, different types of options contracts, and how to use them to generate consistent income. Finally, he discusses the importance of planning and risk management in trading, and provides tips on how to become a successful trader.

Options Boot Camp

In the podcast “Options Boot Camp” from The Options Insider Radio Network, hosts Mark and Andrew discuss the basics of options trading. They explain the different types of options and how they work, discuss strategies such as covered calls, long and short straddles, and long and short butterflies, and talk about how to select the right option strategy for a given situation. They also discuss the different types of options traders, such as scalpers, hedgers, and arbitrageurs. Finally, they discuss how to stay ahead of the curve by studying the markets and learning new techniques.

The Option Alpha Podcast

The Option Alpha Podcast is hosted by Kirk Du Plessis, an experienced trader and investor focused on options trading. The podcast is a mix of interviews, trading tutorials, market analysis and discussions on various topics related to trading and investing. The podcast aims to provide actionable tips and strategies to help listeners become smarter and more successful investors and traders. The podcast also covers topics such as risk management, position sizing, portfolio management and trading psychology. The podcast also features interviews with experienced traders, financial advisors, coaches, experts and other professionals from the investing and trading world.

CNBC's "Options Action"

Chat With Traders

Stock, Options, and Trading - Market Moves

Trading Nut | Trader Interviews - Forex, Futures, Stocks (Robots & More)

The Option Genius Podcast

Trading Psychology: The Think Profit Podcast

Optimus Futures Trading Tips & Strategies

Option Trades Today

The Options Insider Radio Network

W.S. Trades Stock And Options Trading Ideas.

The Modern Stock & Options Trading Show

The TradeHacker Mindset

Stock Market Options Trading

The Daily Traders Podcast

AD Derivs. - The crypto, options, and trading show

A to Z Options Trading

The Wheel Options Trading Strategy

Straight Into Options

The Weekly Option


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