Podcasts About Reading

Podcasts About Reading

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Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast

Transitions Daily is a daily Alcoholics Anonymous recovery reading podcast. Each episode features a new reading from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book or other Alcoholics Anonymous publications. The purpose of these readings is to provide daily support and insight to recovering alcoholics, as well as to inspire anyone who may be struggling with addiction. Each episode also includes a few minutes of inspirational music. The podcast is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Reading And Writing Podcast

In this podcast, Jeff Rutherford discusses the importance of reading and writing. He discusses how reading can help people become better writers, and how writing can help people become better readers. He also talks about how having a strong writing practice can help people become better communicators and express their true thoughts and feelings more effectively. He encourages his listeners to read regularly and to be conscious of their writing habits, in order to make their communication more effective.

Reading to Kids Podcast

In this Reading to Kids Podcast, hosts Peytonjane and Jena share tips and insights on how to make reading to kids fun and meaningful. They discuss the importance of reading aloud to children and the benefits it provides. They also talk about various activities that parents and caregivers can use to foster a love of reading in kids. Additionally, they provide helpful advice for choosing the right books for kids and the different approaches to making reading fun and engaging. Finally, they share stories from their own childhood reading experiences.

The Akashic Reading Podcast

The Akashic Reading Podcast, hosted by Teri Uktena, is a podcast that explores the Akashic Records, a realm of spiritual energy and knowledge. The podcast shares insights and wisdom from the Akashic Records and offers spiritual guidance for anyone looking to develop a deeper relationship with their higher self. Topics explored on the podcast include the power of the Akashic Records, the importance of spiritual inquiry and awakening, and how to access the Akashic Records for personal guidance and healing. The podcast also features interviews with experts and practitioners on topics such as energy healing, astrology, tarot, and more. The podcast is intended to provide listeners with spiritual insight, guidance, and support on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Close Reads Podcast

Close Reads Podcast is a podcast from Goldberry Studios that explores the world of literature. Hosts Abi and Phoebe talk about books they've read, their favorite authors, and the ways books can shape our lives. They also discuss topics such as mental health, representation in literature, and the power of story. Each episode includes an in-depth review of a particular book, along with conversations with authors, editors, booksellers, and other members of the literary community. Close Reads Podcast is a great way to stay in touch with the literary world and gain insight into the books you love.

Podcast About List

This podcast is about all sorts of lists - from the ones we make in our heads to the ones we write down on paper. It looks at different types of lists, their history, and how they can help us organize our lives. It also covers topics like list-making technology, the psychology of lists, list-based games, and more. Whether you’re a list-maker or just curious about why we make them, this podcast will provide an entertaining and informative look into the world of lists.

Currently Reading

In the podcast "Currently Reading," hosts Kaytee Cobb and Meredith Monday Schwartz discuss books and authors that they are currently reading. They share their thoughts on the books, their favorite moments, and why they are drawn to each story. They also provide recommendations of other books they have read that they believe are worth checking out. They also feature interviews with authors and book industry experts, giving listeners insight into the world of reading and writing.

Ones Ready

Ones Ready is a podcast hosted by Aaron Love, Trent Seegmiller, and Jared "Peaches" Pietras, which focuses on their own stories of entrepreneurship, business, and life in general. They share their experiences, successes and failures, and provide advice on starting and running businesses. They also discuss topics such as finding balance between work and life, being creative, and building relationships. The podcast offers listeners a glimpse into their own lives and provides valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

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