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Podcast Recommender

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Recomendaciones de películas.

In this podcast, Faer Guerra talks about her favorite movies and recommendations for people who are looking for something new to watch. She goes through a list of films from various genres, such as drama, comedy, romance, horror, and science fiction. She also talks about her personal experiences with some of the movies she recommends. Her recommendations range from classic films to modern-day blockbusters. She gives brief summaries of each movie and explains why she believes they are worth watching.

What to Read Next Podcast l Book Recommendation Show

This podcast offers listeners book recommendations from Laura R Yamin, a former librarian, a book critic, and a book reviewer. Laura interviews authors, booksellers, and librarians to get their top picks in a range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, young adult, and more. Laura also looks at new releases and discusses the top books of the year. She provides brief summaries of each book, so listeners can get an idea of what they are about without having to read a full review. Laura also provides practical book recommendations and helps you to find the perfect book for any occasion.

The Recommendation Game

Recode Replay

Podcast Recovery

Rumtastisch.de | Videos-RumPod - Alles aus der Welt des Rums

Mischief Managed Podcast: Your recommended dose of Harry Potter nonsense

10/10 (Would Recommend)


The Gilded Playlist - An Indie Music Recommendation Podcast

Queerly Recommended

Record Review Podcast

Recommended Daily Value By UMZU

Reaktionen Und Alles Andere

El podcast de Recomana

Recommended For You


Referenzerklärung - Der Filmpodcast

PodcaRSt - Der PodCast von und aus Remscheid

Recomendación Musical de la Semana

Recsperts - Recommender Systems Experts

I Can't Choose - Movie recommendations

Ross Recommends

Wrestling Recommendations

Zero Stars: Do Not Recommend


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