Podcasts For Fashion Designers

Podcasts For Fashion Designers

Many personalities have explored Podcasts For Fashion Designers. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Dressed: The History of Fashion

This podcast delves into the history of fashion and explores how it has been used to communicate messages, express identities, and create trends. Hosted by fashion historian Jennifer Farley, each episode dives into a different topic, such as the emergence of sportswear, the history of the zipper, and the transformation of the modern tuxedo. Through interviews with experts, the podcast examines how fashion has evolved over time and how it continues to shape our culture.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

Talking Design

Who Arted: Weekly Art History for All Ages

Be Impactful by Impact Fashion

Design Better Podcast

FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast

Life of a Fashion Student

Fashion Rewired Podcast with Brian Hill

Designated Quizzers Podcast

Designer to Designer

BFC Fashion Forum

The Fashionista Life!

Silhouettes: A Fashion History Podcast

The Future of Fashion by Vogue Business

Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend

Evil By Design

Fashion Design

Teaching Sustainability in Fashion Design Courses Through a Zero-Waste Design Project

Graphic design



American Fashion Podcast — exploring innovation and sustainability across the industry

Fashion and the Free

Fashion is a great teacher – The fashion education podcast


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