Podcasts About Botany

Podcasts About Botany

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Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

Real Herbalism Radio is a podcast that discusses the world of herbalism, plant medicine, botany, and wild crafting. Hosts Candace and Patrick Hunter share their knowledge of herbal medicine and its many uses, from health and wellness to sustainability and environmental preservation. They explore the medicinal properties of different plants and teach listeners how to identify, harvest, and use herbs. They also discuss the history of herbal medicine and its many uses, from traditional remedies to modern applications. They provide insight into the world of plant medicine and share stories of their own experiences with wild crafting and healing. Real Herbalism Radio is an informative and engaging exploration into the world of herbalism and plant medicine.

Botany One

Botany One is a podcast series that focuses on modern botanical science. Each episode features an in-depth interview with a leading expert in the field, discussing their research and the current state of plant science. Topics include genetics, plant physiology, ecology, evolution, medicine and more. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Pippa Edwards, a botany research fellow at the University of Oxford. She shares her unique perspective on plant science, exploring the most recent discoveries and how they impact our lives.

Encyclopedia Botanica

In Defense of Plants Podcast

Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Completely Arbortrary

Vititi Congo Channel

The Science of Birds

The Greener Grass Podcast

Plants are People too: Botany Podcast

Botanic Connections

Herbs in Action

Botany & Barrels

Buddha's Botany

Wander, Forage, & Wildcraft

Botany After Dark

Project Botany

Fruit Love Letters


The Peyote Lorax

By the Seed of Our Plants

Botany Lectures by Saivenkatesh


Botany Gone Bedlam


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