Mystery Podcasts

Mystery Podcasts

Ever hear these Mystery Podcasts? We bet you'll find some new shows. We wrote about 25 of our favorites.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a popular radio show that aired from 1974 to 1982. The show featured suspenseful and thrilling stories that were written by writers such as Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury, and Alfred Hitchcock. It was credited by many with reviving the medium of radio drama in the United States. The show usually featured horror and mystery stories, but also included other genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and westerns. The show was hosted by E.G. Marshall, who was known for his deep, authoritative voice. His introductions to each episode added to the suspense and atmosphere of the show.

Scary Mysteries

This podcast from Scary Mysteries discusses some of the world's most baffling and terrifying mysteries. Hosted by Cody Beck, each episode dives deep into a mysterious case, exploring the facts and theories to try and uncover the truth. Topics range from serial killers and unsolved murders to mysterious disappearances and strange creatures. Through a combination of research, interviews, and storytelling, Cody Beck attempts to shed some light on these mysterious cases.

Unexplained Mysteries

This episode of Unexplained Mysteries from Parcast explores some of history’s most puzzling unsolved mysteries. From the strange occurrences of the Bermuda Triangle, to the eerie vanishings of ships and planes, to eerie disappearances, to the legends of secret societies and mystical artifacts, this podcast investigates some of the greatest unsolved mysteries from around the world. They explore the theories and evidence, and discuss possible explanations. The podcast also features interviews with experts and witnesses, as well as first-person accounts.

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

The Paranormal Mysteries Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores the supernatural and unexplained stories from around the world. Hosted by paranormal researcher, Justin Jeffreys, each episode covers a new story or topic from mysterious disappearances, haunted locations, and more. The podcast also features interviews with various experts in the field who provide insight and analysis into the various topics presented. Through research, personal accounts, and interviews, the podcast seeks to uncover the truth behind the mystery and bring closure to the stories it presents.


In this podcast, Richard MacLean Smith investigates some of the world's most mysterious phenomena, including UFOs, ghosts, and strange creatures. He speaks to experts and eye-witnesses in search of the truth. He examines ancient texts, research reports, and first-hand accounts in an effort to uncover the secrets of these unsolved mysteries. Along the way, he explores the possible explanations for these phenomenon, from the supernatural to the scientific. Each episode dives deep into a different topic to shed light on the unknown and uncover the truth.

Phoebe Reads a Mystery

1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries Podcast

Nostalgic Mystery Radio

脑洞乌托邦 Mystery Stories Podcast

Witches, Magic, Murder, & Mystery

Re-Solved Mysteries: An Unsolved Mysteries Podcast

Missing Persons Mysteries

Mystery History Podcast

Mama Mystery - A True Crime Podcast

Bible Mysteries

Seriously Mysterious

The Mystery Kids Podcast

Unsolved Mysteries

Murder, Mystery & Makeup

Solve This Murder

Southern Mysteries Podcast

Appalachian Mysteria

History's Mysteries

History's Great Mysteries

Mysterious Universe


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