Korean Podcasts

Korean Podcasts

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Talk To Me In Korean - Core Korean Grammar

This podcast episode of “Talk To Me In Korean” covers core Korean grammar. It explains how to use basic sentence structures and patterns, such as the topic-comment structure and the action-result structure. It also covers the use of particles, such as 은/는, 가/이, 하다 and 를/을. Finally, the podcast brings up a dialogue about a family trip to the beach to illustrate how to use these structures and particles in context.

컬투쇼 레전드 사연

The Korean Beauty Show Podcast

Korean storytelling by coco mom

Learn Korean with David

한국어 한 조각 Korean teacher A piece of Korean

Intermediate Korean

Korean Study Cafe Podcast

Learn Korean: Korean Survival Phrases

Essential Korean Podcast

Learn Korean and Korean Culture

Easy Korean


Heeya Korean 🎧 Korean Podcast + Transcript

The Korean Vegan

Breathe in Korean


Korean Asmr Mukbang

Korean True Crime

한국말로 (In Korean)


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