Counseling Podcasts

Counseling Podcasts

Several hosts have explored Counseling Podcasts. We found 25 of the best ones.

The Whole Counsel of God

In this podcast, Fr. Stephen De Young of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Nashville, TN, explains the importance of understanding the “whole counsel of God” when reading the Bible. He talks about how selective reading of Scripture can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. Instead, he recommends reading the Bible in its entirety, which he believes will bring clarity and a better understanding of God's will for our lives. He also explains the importance of prayer in our search for understanding, as well as the role of the Church in interpreting Scripture and providing guidance. Lastly, he shares his own experiences of seeking to understand the Bible and applying it to his life and ministry.

Counsel of Trent

This podcast from Catholic Answers discusses the Council of Trent, which was a major council of the Catholic Church held in the 16th century. The podcast covers the history of the Council and its major documents, such as the Decree on Justification, the Decree on the Sacraments, and the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church. It explains how the Council addressed the Protestant Reformation, defending the doctrines of the Church and condemning the Protestant heresies. It also discusses the legacy of the Council and how its teachings still shape the Catholic Church today.

Counselling Tutor podcast

The Counselling Tutor podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Ken Kelly, a professional counsellor and lecturer. Each episode focuses on a different topic related to counselling, such as communication skills, practice management, research, and psychological theory. The podcast also features interviews with other professionals in the field and offers advice and resources to help listeners become better counsellors. It is designed to help counsellors of all levels develop their skills and knowledge in the field.

The Thoughtful Counselor

In this episode, Mike Shook interviews Walter Duncan, a professional counselor who has spent over 20 years working with individuals, couples, and families. They discuss Walter's approach to counseling, which focuses on helping clients gain greater insight and understanding into their own mental and emotional states so that they can make informed decisions about their lives. Walter emphasizes the importance of having an open and honest relationship with his clients, and discusses the challenges and rewards of his profession. He also talks about the different aspects of counseling, including the ethical dilemmas he faces, and the importance of continuing his own education. Finally, Walter shares his thoughts on how to be a successful counselor and how to best support clients in their journey towards healing and growth.

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