Ios Family Podcasts Subscriptionsmiller9To5Mac

Ios Family Podcasts Subscriptionsmiller9To5Mac

Thinking about Ios Family Podcasts Subscriptionsmiller9To5Mac, there is no limit to the personalities exploring this idea. Here are 7 of our favorites.

Live IFS

"Live IFS" is a podcast from Internal Family Systems Sessions that explores the way IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy works. Hosts Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, and Dr. Kristin Little, PsyD, discuss topics such as emotional regulation, inner parts work, and resource development. They also provide examples of how to apply IFS strategies in everyday life, such as how to create a self-care plan and how to better understand and manage difficult emotions. Additionally, the podcast features interviews with IFS experts and clinicians on their therapeutic approaches and helpful tips. The podcast is designed to empower listeners to explore the healing power of IFS and use it to make meaningful changes in their lives.

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