Podcasts About Gangs

Podcasts About Gangs

Ever listen to these Podcasts About Gangs? We bet you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the top ones.

The Energy Gang

The Energy Gang podcast from Wood Mackenzie is a weekly show that dives deep into the world of global energy markets and trends. Hosted by Stephen Lacey, Jigar Shah, Katherine Hamilton, and special guests, this podcast explores the intersecting worlds of technology, policy, and markets, delving into the big stories and the underlying trends of the energy transformation. Each episode features interviews with top industry professionals, analysis of the latest news, and in-depth examinations of the global energy landscape. The podcast also provides insights into key topics such as clean energy, energy storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and more.


This episode of Parcast's "Kingpins" podcast tells the story of the infamous drug lord, El Chapo. It examines his rise to power within the Sinaloa Cartel and his eventual capture and conviction in the US. The episode details El Chapo's sophisticated drug smuggling operation, the resources he had at his disposal, and how he managed to evade capture for years. It also looks at the ways in which his reign of terror affected the people of Mexico and how his capture impacted the drug trade in the country. Finally, the episode looks at El Chapo's legacy, both in terms of what his actions meant for the drug world and how his story has been romanticized in popular culture.

Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Gangland Wire

Cointelpro 2.0

EQ Gangster

Organized Community Gang Stalking, True Crime Stories & More.

Texas Prison Stories The Podcast

The Worst Girl Gang Ever

Silly Gang Sa Gabi

Original Gangsters, a True Crime Talk Podcast

Outlaws & Gunslingers

The Underworld Podcast

Gochujang Gang Podcast

Gang Lion Assembly

This Day In The Mob


Let's Talk About Sects

Gang Green Talk


The Ghoul Gang

Gangster Goddess Broad-cast


The Members Only Podcast: A Mafia History Podcast

Left Hand Gang Podcast


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