Podcasts About China

Podcasts About China

For Podcasts About China, there is no limit to the personalities talking about this feeling. We gathered 23 of our favorites.

The China in Africa Podcast

The China in Africa Podcast, hosted by Eric Olander and Cobus Van Staden, examines the rapidly growing economic and political relationship between China and Africa. Each episode features in-depth interviews with experts, scholars, and researchers on all aspects of this relationship, including the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese investment in Africa, and the impact of Chinese aid and infrastructure projects on African society. The podcast also highlights stories from the continent to provide a more nuanced understanding of the Chinese-African relationship.

ChinesePod - Intermediate

ChinesePod Intermediate is a podcast designed for intermediate learners of Chinese. It provides content that is both informative and engaging, offering lessons on topics such as travel, food, culture, and everyday conversations. The podcast is hosted by experienced teachers and includes audio, video, and interactive elements that keep students engaged. The podcast also provides a chance to practice pronunciation and interact with other learners. With the help of ChinesePod, learners can build a solid foundation in Chinese and learn to communicate more confidently.

The China History Podcast

The China History Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Laszlo Montgomery, a historian and professor at the University of Toronto. The podcast is designed to provide listeners with an in-depth look at the history of China from antiquity to present day. Topics include the dynasties that have ruled over the country, key figures in its political and cultural development, and the major events that have shaped Chinese history. Montgomery also looks at China's relationships with other countries and how its culture has been influenced by foreign powers. Each episode also features interviews with leading academics and experts who offer their insights on various topics related to China.

The History of China

The podcast "The History of China" is presented by Chris Stewart, a professor of East Asian history. With a combination of historical evidence and engaging storytelling, Stewart dives into the origins and development of China from the Neolithic period to the present day. He covers topics such as the rise and fall of dynasties, the impact of foreign invasions and trade, the spread of religion and philosophy, and the development of Chinese culture. He also touches on the Chinese Revolution of 1949, when Communists overthrew the Nationalist government and brought Mao Zedong to power. The podcast is suitable for both history buffs and those new to Chinese history.

Round Table China

In this podcast, the hosts have an in-depth discussion about the current state of affairs in China. They cover topics such as the recent coronavirus outbreak, the impact of the US-China trade war, the Chinese economy, the Chinese government's response to the outbreak, and the international community's views on China. They also discuss how China is dealing with the crisis and how to move forward. The podcast features interviews with leaders from the Chinese business and political communities, as well as experts in the fields of economics and foreign policy. They provide insights into the current situation and offer opinions about the future of China.

Press Send with Chinae Alexander

Press Send with Chinae Alexander is a podcast hosted by marketing and lifestyle expert, Chinae Alexander. On the podcast, Chinae dives into the successes and failures of some of the most creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, influencers, and thinkers of our time. Additionally, she provides insight on how to make your dreams come true, how to optimize your business, and how to develop a winning mindset. Through stories, experiences, and tools, Chinae guides listeners on their journey to discovering their purpose and achieving their wildest dreams.

2 Bulls In A China Shop


People's History of Ideas Podcast

MaoMi Chinese - Chinese Mandarin podcast

China EVs & More

Dongfang Hour - the China Space Podcast

Date Night China

The History of China

Inside China

China Uncensored

ShanghaiZhan: All Things China Marketing, Advertising, Tech & Platforms

The China Travel Podcast

The China Podcast


How to become a dictator

China University Student Advisor

Climbing China Beach: a podcast series about one route


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