Surfing Podcasts

Surfing Podcasts

When it comes to Surfing Podcasts, there is no limit to the hosts talking about this topic. We gathered 25 of the top ones.

Surf Splendor

Surf Splendor is a podcast hosted by environmentalist, ocean-lover and surfer David Lee Scales. The podcast explores the beauty of surf culture, the history of surfing and the impact of surfing on the environment. It also showcases the stories of amazing surfers and the impact of surfing on their lives. Guests on the podcast have included professional surfers, beachgoers, oceanographers and eco-activists. Through each episode, David Lee Scales encourages people to appreciate the ocean and all its wonders, and to be mindful of their impact on the environment.

Spit! - Surf Podcast

Spit! - Surf Podcast is a podcast hosted by David Lee Scales and Scott Bass that focuses on the global surf culture and is dedicated to exploring the stories, experiences, and passions of surfers around the world. Every week, the hosts interview different surfers from all over the world, discussing their stories, the culture of surfing, and the latest news in the industry. They also provide up-to-date information about events, surf spots, and the best waves to catch. In addition, they feature music and interviews with surfers, shapers, and other notable figures in the surf world. Spit! - Surf Podcast is a great way to stay connected and informed about the global surf scene.

KookCast: Surf Education

This podcast episode of The Surf Continuum's KookCast focuses on surf education. The hosts, Alex and Chris, discuss the importance of surf education and how key it is for beginners to learn the basics of surfing before hitting the waves. They talk about the importance of safety, etiquette, and the different types of instruction available. The hosts also discuss the importance of learning from experienced surfers, and how to choose a surf school or instructor. They also discuss their experiences with surf education, and the benefits of getting professional help even for experienced surfers.

The Lineup with Dave Prodan - A Surfing Podcast

The Lineup with Dave Prodan is a podcast from the World Surf League that features interviews with prominent surfers, board shapers, and other people involved in the world of surfing. Host Dave Prodan talks to his guests about their experiences in the sport, the latest news and trends, and the culture of surfing. Through stories and conversations, Prodan and his guests explore the history of the sport and the current state of surfing around the world. The podcast also features discussions about the environmental impacts of surfing, how the sport is changing, and the future of the sport.

Scratching the Surface

Casual Preppers Podcast - Prepping, Survival, Entertainment.

Stab Podcasts

The Temple of Surf Podcast

The QuiverCast

Surf Mastery

Midlife Surfer: Surf Podcast

Surface Level

Liveaboard Sailing Podcast



Brawl-Surf Podcast

In Depth - A Surfing Podcast

Surfacing Inclusive Leadership

Dropping In Surf Show Podcast

Surfcaster's Journal Night Shift Podcast

The Surfing Podcast

Surf Stories by Florida Surf Film Festival

Surfing Corporate

The Big Wave Surfing Podcast

The Surfer’s Journal presents Soundings with Jamie Brisick


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