Cult Podcasts

Cult Podcasts

Have you heard these Cult Podcasts? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. We assembled 25 of our favorites.

Cultaholic Wrestling

Cultaholic Wrestling is a weekly podcast from Cultaholic, featuring in-depth discussion and analysis of the professional wrestling industry, from WWE, AEW and other major promotions. Hosts Adam Pacitti, Oli Davis, Joel Abraham, Sam Driver and Luke Owen, along with a variety of guests, cover the latest news and major events in wrestling, give their thoughts on live events and review the best and worst of the world of professional wrestling.

Slate Culture

Slate Culture is a podcast from Slate Magazine that examines the latest trends, ideas, and issues in the world of culture. Hosted by Slate Magazine culture editor Dan Kois, the podcast features interviews with leading cultural figures and experts, as well as in-depth conversations about movies, books, music, television, and all things cultural. The podcast also covers topics such as the politics of representation, gender, and race, as well as the broader social and cultural implications of various trends and topics. In addition, Kois and his guests provide insight into the creative process, from the development of books and movies to the creation of art and music.


The podcast "Cults" from Parcast explores the hidden world of cults, past and present. It features interviews with experts on cults, survivors, and people associated with cults to discuss the inner workings of organizations like the Manson Family, the People's Temple, and Heaven’s Gate. The podcast provides an in-depth look into why people join cults, why they’re so hard to leave, and the psychological impact cults have on their members. It also offers insight into the legal and societal implications of cults and how they influence our culture.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour is a weekly podcast from NPR that covers all aspects of pop culture. Hosted by Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon, and a rotating panel of special guests, the podcast examines the latest news in movies, TV, books, music, and more. The show also features conversations about trends in pop culture, reviews of current entertainment, and interviews with actors, authors, and other industry professionals.

Cult Podcast

This podcast covers cults, from the people who were in them to the people who study them. It takes an in-depth look at the different types of cults, the ways in which people get involved in them, and the techniques used by cult leaders to keep their members in line. The podcast also looks at some of the most infamous cults in history, and how their stories still affect people today. The hosts offer insight from a variety of perspectives, from those who have been in cults to those who have studied them academically. Additionally, the podcast takes a critical look at how cults have been portrayed in popular media, and what the realities of being in a cult are actually like.

Cult Liter with Spencer Henry

In this podcast, Spencer Henry explores the depths of cult literature, from the works of HP Lovecraft to the horror genre as a whole. He interviews authors of cult literature and dives deep into the themes and ideas they explore, such as cosmic horror, the supernatural, and apocalypse. Spencer also examines the impact of cult literature on popular culture, discussing its influence on film, television, and other media. He also shares his own insights on the genre and its various facets, making this podcast a must-listen for any fan of cult literature.

This Is Not A Cult Podcast

This Is Not A Cult Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Young Don, The Thrill, Young Don The Sauce God, and Astral Dior. The podcast is about a group of friends who explore and discuss the various aspects of life, culture, and the world around them. The topics range from the latest trends in music, fashion, and art to deeper topics such as love, loss, and spirituality. The podcast is intended to provide listeners with an outlet to engage in meaningful conversations, gain a better understanding of their own lives, and grow together.


In this episode of the Cultish podcast, host Jeremiah Roberts and co-host Andrew Soncrant explore the world of modern cults. They discuss the indoctrination and recruiting processes of cults, how their members are manipulated, how they are able to keep members in their grasp, and how they are able to control their members’ thoughts and behaviors. They also talk about the different types of cults and their effects on society. The episode ends with some tips on how to identify a cult and how to protect yourself from joining one.

The Cult Vault

The Cult Vault is a podcast from Vault Productions that explores the world of cults and cult-like groups. Through interviews, research, and firsthand accounts, the podcast explores the inner workings of these groups, their philosophies, and the stories of those who have been caught up in their grasp. The podcast looks at some of the most notorious cults, including the People's Temple, Heaven's Gate, and the Church of Scientology, as well as lesser-known cults such as the Rajneesh movement. The podcast also focuses on the stories and experiences of survivors, as well as examining the psychology behind why and how people become involved with cults.

Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt

Cult 45: The Movie Podcast

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Cult of Conspiracy

Cults, Crimes & Cabernet

Chilluminati Podcast

Popcorn Culture

Occult Confessions

Leaving Eden Podcast

Diet Culture Rebel Podcast

Trust Me: Cults, Extreme Belief, and Manipulation

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Cult or Just Weird


A Little Bit Culty


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