Best Suspenseful Podcasts

Best Suspenseful Podcasts

Thinking about Best Suspenseful Podcasts, there is no limit to the personalities who explored this idea. Here are 20 of our favorites.

Suspense | Old Time Radio

This podcast from VOKROX revisits the classic old time radio show, Suspense. Hosted by the mysterious and sinister host, the show aired from 1942 to 1962. Each episode featured a different gripping story with some major Hollywood stars making appearances. This podcast includes some of the most famous and chilling stories from the show, as well as insight from the host and stories from fans. Whether you're a fan of the show or a newcomer to Suspense, this podcast is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


This podcast from Entertainment Radio takes a look at one of the most popular genres of storytelling – suspense. It examines the genre's history and its impact on popular culture. It looks at the different types of suspense, such as crime and thriller, and the elements that make them so captivating. It also discusses some of the most popular suspenseful movies and books and examines why they have become so successful. Lastly, it looks at how suspense can have a positive effect on viewers, listeners, and readers and why it continues to be popular.

Old Time Radio Mystery, Suspense, & Horror

This podcast features broadcasts of old time radio shows from the 1930s-1960s, focusing on mystery, suspense and horror genres. Host Dakoda Black presents a variety of classic radio dramas, from the famous shows of the era like The Shadow and Suspense, to lesser-known gems from the golden age of radio. Episodes feature a mix of classic episodes, with some discussion about the shows and the actors featured. The podcast also features interviews with writers, directors, producers, and other experts in the field, who add insight and context to the broadcast selections. The podcast is entertaining, informative, and a great way to explore the classic radio broadcasts of yesteryear.

Darkest Mysteries from Reddit 2022 - Best Reddit Stories Podcast 2022

This podcast tells some of the best and most mysterious stories from Reddit in 2022. Hosted by two hosts named Mason and Sebastian, the podcast delves into topics such as strange sightings, paranormal experiences, aliens, and other unexplained phenomena. Mason and Sebastian share stories from Reddit users, discuss their experiences and opinions, and provide their own analysis and opinions. The podcast also features special guests who provide their own insights and experiences. This podcast is sure to provide listeners with plenty of fascinating mysteries to ponder.

Mystery Suspense Stories

This podcast from the Sol Good Network tells a series of mystery and suspense stories, each focusing on a different character or group of characters. The stories range from those involving small-town mysteries to those dealing with international intrigue. Each episode features a different narrator and is accompanied by sound effects and music to create a sense of suspense and mystery. The stories are designed to be intriguing and entertaining for listeners of all ages.

Suspense Radio

Suspense Radio is a weekly show hosted by suspense fiction author and radio host, John Lutz. Each episode focuses on a particular aspect of the suspense and mystery genres, featuring interviews with authors, publishers, editors and other industry professionals. The show also features book and movie reviews, as well as discussions of current trends in suspense fiction. Suspense Radio is an engaging and informative look into the world of suspense and mystery fiction.

Unabridged: The Christian Fiction Audiobook Podcast

Unabridged is the Christian fiction audiobook podcast hosted by Alana Terry. This podcast is designed to help Christian fiction readers find their next favorite audiobook and get an inside look at the Christian fiction publishing industry. Each episode features interviews with authors, narrators, and publishers, as well as reviews of recently released audiobooks. The podcast also covers topics such as the importance of sound effects and how to create an audiobook performance that will draw in listeners.

Stars on Suspense (Old Time Radio)

The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society

The Suspense is Killing Us

The Planet Raconteur Podcast

The Frozen Frights Podcast

Mysteriously Listed True Crime

Sunday Suspense Hindi (Horror and Thriller Stories)

GSMC Classics: The Clock

The Birthplace Podcast

Old Time Radiocast


Suspense -

Suspenseful Tales of Suspense


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