Best French Learning Podcasts

Best French Learning Podcasts

So many personalities have talked about Best French Learning Podcasts. Here are 24 of our favorites.

Learn French with daily podcasts

This podcast focuses on teaching French to listeners by providing them with daily lessons about the French language. Each episode covers a different topic, such as grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The podcast also provides tips, exercises, and cultural information to help listeners improve their French. The episodes are generally short and are designed to be listened to in chunks, making them ideal for busy learners. The podcast is suitable for both beginner and intermediate French learners.

Learn French by Podcast

This podcast is an audio course designed to help people learn French. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic greetings to more advanced conversation topics. Each lesson consists of dialogues, grammar tips, and pronunciation practice. Additionally, the podcast provides audio files and exercises to help listeners practice what they have learned. The lessons are taught by native French speakers and feature a mix of cultural references, humor, and anecdotes.

Les fables de La Fontaine

Coffee Break French


The Alison Arngrim Show

French Made Easy

Boozy Biddies Talk Wine & Spirits

Duolingo French Podcast

Leading and Learning Through Safety

Je Parle Baguette

Little Talk in Slow French : Learn French through conversations


French Podcast - Speak French avec Moi

Passerelles : a French podcast for intermediate learners

LanguaTalk Slow French: Learn French With Gaëlle | French podcast for A2 & above

French Through Stories

Learn French |

Learning French

Learn French with Frenchy Stories

The Naked French Podcast | Learn French with Bilingual French - English Podcast

HelloFrench podcast - Learning French with news is easy like a hello !

The Podcast of an autistic dumbass

I love your French accent


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