Top Podcasts About History

Top Podcasts About History

Many hosts have talked about Top Podcasts About History. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a podcast from iHeartPodcasts that covers topics from history that are often overlooked and not taught in school. Each episode focuses on a unique, compelling story from the past, and includes interviews with historians, archivists, and other experts. Episodes cover topics from all around the world, from ancient civilizations to modern times. The podcast also includes bonus episodes that explore a single event in history in more depth.

History Unplugged Podcast

The History Unplugged Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Scott Rank, a professor of history at Iowa State University. In each episode, Dr. Rank interviews experts on a range of topics related to history, from ancient civilizations to modern world events. Through these conversations, the podcast aims to give listeners an in-depth look at the stories and people who have shaped our world. Topics discussed include politics, warfare, art, culture, religion, and more. Listeners can also expect to gain insight into the latest research, trends, and controversies in the historical field. The podcast has been praised for its engaging and informative content, making it a popular resource for students, teachers, and history buffs.

History of the World podcast

Chris Hasler's podcast "History of the World" explores major turning points in world history, from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the rise of the Industrial Revolution. The podcast discusses the causes, effects, and lasting implications of each turning point, while also exploring the various cultures and societies that existed during these periods. Each episode also examines the lives of individuals who helped shape these events, and considers their impact on the world. The podcast is an entertaining and accessible way to learn about world history.

Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids and Families

Bedtime History is a podcast that tells inspiring stories for kids and families. The podcast is comprised of biographies of famous historical figures, featuring stories about their lives and accomplishments. These stories are accompanied by beautiful illustrations that bring the stories to life. The podcast also covers topics such as science, invention, exploration, and geography. Each episode is designed to help kids and families learn more about different cultures and important historical figures while also providing a relaxing bedtime story.


History This Week from The HISTORY Channel is a weekly podcast that takes a look at the world’s most interesting people, places, and events. Each episode dives into a different topic, such as George Washington’s birthday, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Battle of the Bulge. The podcast provides a unique look into history, offering informative stories and valuable context to help listeners understand the past. Hosts Josh and Stuart provide insight into history that is both entertaining and educational.

Horrifying History

The podcast "Horrifying History" from Horrifying History is a series of episodes that explore some of the most horrific stories from the past. Hosts Dennis and Kim discuss chilling tales from around the world, from ancient times to more recent events. They go into detail about the circumstances surrounding the events, the aftermaths, and the implications for society and humanity. They also explore the psychology behind the events and the motivations of those involved, as well as how people cope with the aftermath. In each episode, Dennis and Kim provide a balanced, unbiased look at history and the people and events that helped shape it.

This Day in Esoteric Political History

Half-Arsed History

Tides of History

The Art History Babes

Our Fake History

Reflections of History

The Weird History Eerie Tales Podcast

Dark Histories

The Music History Project

History in a Hurry

Halfwit History

Vulgar History

Real Cool History for kids

US History Repeated

History Uncovered

History of Everything

Conflicted: A History Podcast

Holocron Histories: Star Wars Canon Vs Legends Podcast

History's Great Mysteries


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