The John Batchelor Show Podcasts

The John Batchelor Show Podcasts

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The John Batchelor Show

The John Batchelor Show is a live, nationally syndicated radio talk show hosted by John Batchelor, an award-winning journalist and author. The show covers a wide range of topics including politics, international affairs, business, science, and culture. It features conversations with top newsmakers, expert analysis, and occasional commentary from Batchelor himself. The show is broadcast five nights a week, and is syndicated to hundreds of radio stations across the United States.

John Bartolo Show

The John Bartolo Show is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and political commentator John Bartolo. On the show, Bartolo interviews guests from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, and politics, and delves into a variety of topics and issues. He also reflects on his own experiences and shares his insights and humor. The show is a mix of comedy, current events, and thoughtful conversations, and is sure to keep listeners entertained and informed.

Bachelor Party

The Ringer's Bachelor Party podcast is a weekly podcast about the Bachelor franchise. Hosts Juliet Litman, Amanda Dobbins, and Andrew Gruttadaro discuss show dynamics and the contestants, take listener questions and engage in in-depth conversations about the show. The podcast was created in 2017 after the airing of The Bachelor's 21st season and has since become a popular podcast for Bachelor fans. Each podcast episode focuses on a different season of the show, as well as episodes of other Bachelor-related shows such as The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Pad. The podcast also explores the narratives of former contestants and contestants from other reality shows, such as The Real Housewives and Big Brother.

The Bachelor Zone

The Bachelor Zone is a podcast hosted by Michael Wahle, Zach Pyke, and Dan Duddy. They discuss the drama, love, and heartbreak of The Bachelor franchise, as well as the behind-the-scenes secrets they've uncovered while being a part of the franchise. From rose ceremonies to fantasy suite dates, the hosts bring a unique perspective to the show, as well as conversations with former contestants, producers, and the Bachelor himself. Whether you're a fan of the show or just curious, The Bachelor Zone offers a fresh and fun look into the world of reality TV.

Bethlehem Church

The Bachelor Lifestyle

Petals and Pricks: The Bachelor and Bachelorette Podcast

According to John

Justin Takes The Bach - A Bachelor Recap Podcast



Redefine from the One project


The Bachelor Degree

The J. S. Bach Files Podcast

The Bachelorette Podcast

The Bachelor Masters

The Josh Baker Podcast

Liveforit John

Hockey Fight!!!

Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor

The Brochelorette Podcast

Backstage - The Bachata Podcast

The John Hammer Show

The John Podcast


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