Tarot Podcasts

Tarot Podcasts

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Daily tarot & oracle cards 😊

In this podcast, Anj Saby guides listeners through a brief introduction to tarot and oracle cards, discussing the different types of cards and their various meanings. She then provides guidance for how to give readings for yourself, as well as for others. She also outlines some basic tips for working with these cards, such as shuffling them and using your intuition to interpret the messages they provide. Finally, Anj shares her own journey and how she has personally used tarot and oracle cards to help her in her spiritual practice.

Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

In this podcast, Lindsay Mack, founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul, explores the use of Tarot as a tool for personal growth and spiritual expansion. She explains how Tarot can be used for self-inquiry, healing, and manifesting desired outcomes. She also discusses the role of archetypes and symbols in Tarot, and how to use them for emotional and spiritual transformation. Additionally, she provides advice on how to select cards and interpret their meanings, and how to create rituals and intentions for working with the Tarot. Lindsay also offers tips on how to create a safe and inviting space for working with Tarot, and shares her insight on the importance of being open and vulnerable with the cards. Ultimately, she emphasizes the power of Tarot to help us find our authentic selves, explore our inner depths, and make conscious choices in our lives.

Wildly Tarot Podcast

Wildly Tarot is a podcast hosted by Holly and Esther, two friends based in London, that explores the intersection between tarot and spirituality. The aim of the podcast is to make tarot accessible and to build a supportive community. Each episode features a guest who shares their personal story and tarot journey. The podcast also includes discussions on tarot decks, card interpretations, and tarot spreads. They explore topics such as intuition, self-care, and the power of tarot for personal growth and transformation. Additionally, Holly and Esther offer tarot readings for their listeners.

Lamarr Townsend Tarot Podcast

The Biddy Tarot Podcast: Tarot | Intuition | Empowerment

Tarot Bytes

Ruby Rose Tarot podcast

Tarot by Cecelia

coffee & a card daily tarot

Awakened Tarot

The Tarot Diagnosis

Tarot Is F*cking Cool

In Search of Tarot

Healing Thru Tarot

Root Lock Radio: A Tarot Podcast

Rock and Soul Tarot

Coffee Cup Tarot

Tarot Songs Podcast

Aprende Tarot Espiritual

Tarot oivallusten kortit

The Alacrael Tarot Podcast

Ninth Arcana : A Tarot Podcast

Tarot for the End of Times - A Podcast with Sarah Cargill

Vitsin Tarot Podcast

Students of Tarot Podcast


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