Hindi Podcasts

Hindi Podcasts

When it comes to Hindi Podcasts, there are so many personalities talking about this feeling. We wrote about 25 of the top ones.

Psychology In Hindi

This podcast, hosted by Saurabh Gandhi, explores the field of psychology in Hindi. Each episode features experts from various fields of psychology, such as clinical psychology, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, and social psychology, and discusses topics such as mental health, psychotherapy, relationships, and more. The podcast also includes interviews with leading psychologists as well as practical tips on how to apply psychology in everyday life.

Bhaskar Bose (Hindi Thriller Podcast)

Bhaskar Bose is a gripping Hindi Thriller podcast from Spotify Studios. It tells the story of a brilliant detective who is trying to solve a mysterious murder case. The listener follows the twists and turns of the case, as Bhaskar Bose investigates clues and discovers secrets that nobody else has been able to uncover. Along the way he meets colorful characters, deals with dangerous criminals, and has to make difficult decisions in order to track down the killer. Will Bhaskar Bose be successful in his investigation or will the case remain unsolved?

Learn Hindi On The Go

This podcast is designed to help those who are interested in learning Hindi. Hosts Jaibodh Pandey, Shraddha Pandey, and Ritansh discuss various topics related to Hindi grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. They also provide tips and tricks to help learners remember key phrases and words. In addition, the hosts provide advice on how to make the most of your learning experience. The podcast also features special guest interviews with experts from India to provide insight into the culture and nuances of the language.

Puliyabaazi Hindi Podcast

The "Puliyabaazi Hindi Podcast" from IVM Podcasts is an entertaining podcast about food and culture in India. Hosted by Sujata and Ashwin, the show features interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, and food experts, in addition to anecdotes, recipes, and food-related discussions. The podcast also discusses regional cuisines, recipes, and cooking techniques, as well as the process of preserving, fermenting, and pickling food. It is a great resource for people interested in Indian cuisine and culture.

Ticket to Bollywood - Daily Hindi Podcast

The Knowledge Podcast (Hindi Podcast)

The Ranveer Show हिंदी


Ghost Stories in Hindi

Akbar Birbal Stories- Hindi Moral Tales

Learn Hindi | HindiPod101.com

The Sex Podcast by Leeza Mangaldas (Hindi Podcast)

KHAUF (hindi Horror Podcast)

Guru Granth Sahib - Hindi Podcast


Abhivyakti:Hindi Podcast

History In Hindi Podcast

Bhagavad Gita (Hindi)


Kahaniwala- Hindi Stories

Chanakya Neeti - Hindi - Complete


Hindi Podcast

Inspiration Chaupal : Hindi Podcast

Sadhguru's Hindi Podcast


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