Surf Podcasts

Surf Podcasts

For Surf Podcasts, there is no limit to the podcasters reporting on this topic. We gathered 24 of our favorites.

Surf Splendor

This podcast, hosted by David Lee Scales, explores the world of surfing and those who make it their life’s passion. Scales interviews some of the biggest legends in the sport, from professional surfers to photographers and filmmakers, to explore the beauty and power of surfing and its impact on the lives of those involved. He takes listeners on a journey of the history and culture of the sport, highlighting stories of triumph and heartbreak, and providing an intimate look at the life of a surfer. The podcast celebrates the unique beauty and spirit of surfing, and encourages listeners to discover their own surf splendor.

Spit! - Surf Podcast

Spit! – Surf Podcast is a podcast hosted by David Lee Scales and Scott Bass that focuses on the lifestyle and culture of surfing. Each episode dives deep into the history and evolution of the sport, the people and places involved, and the challenges and rewards of being a surfer. Additionally, David and Scott provide insights into the latest trends and developments in the world of surfing, as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry. With a passion for surfing and a mission to provide an entertaining and informative look into the sport, Spit! – Surf Podcast is an essential resource for any surfer.

KookCast: Surf Education

KookCast: Surf Education is an episode from The Surf Continuum, a podcast series about the history, culture, and science of surfing. In this episode, host Nikki Gregg talks to surfers and members of the surfing community about education within the sport. They discuss topics such as teaching starting out surfers the basics, the role of mentors for experienced surfers, and why understanding the ocean is essential for improving your surfing. The episode also features interviews with a college professor from Hawaii who teaches a course on surf culture and a surf instructor who shares insights into how they teach the fundamentals of surfing. Overall, the episode highlights the importance of education and mentorship in the surfing world.

The Lineup with Dave Prodan - A Surfing Podcast

The Lineup with Dave Prodan is a podcast from the World Surf League that explores the world of professional surfing. Hosted by Dave Prodan, the show features interviews with some of the world’s top surfers, as well as conversations with other surfing luminaries and personalities. The podcast aims to provide insight into the lives and stories of the world’s top surfers, delving into their unique journeys, goals, and aspirations. Listeners can also expect to hear stories about the latest news, trends, and culture in the sport.

Scratching the Surface

The Temple of Surf Podcast

Surf Talk

The QuiverCast

Surf Mastery

The Surf Simply Podcast

Midlife Surfer: Surf Podcast

Surface Level

Brawl-Surf Podcast

In Depth - A Surfing Podcast

Surfacing Inclusive Leadership

Dropping In Surf Show Podcast

Surfcaster's Journal Night Shift Podcast

Surf Stories by Florida Surf Film Festival

The Surfing Podcast

Surfing Corporate

The Raglan Surf Report

The Surfer’s Journal presents Soundings with Jamie Brisick

Der SURF LIFE BALANCE -Podcast für Surfer,Kitesurfer,Digitale Nomaden,Sportler,Entrepreneure und Reisende #surflifebalance

A Surfer’s Path


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