Supply Chain Podcasts

Supply Chain Podcasts

Many streamers have reported on Supply Chain Podcasts. Here are 24 of our favorites.

Supply Chain Now

Supply Chain Now is a podcast hosted by Scott Luton and the Supply Chain Now team that provides a comprehensive look at the industry of supply chain management. The podcast covers topics such as the latest industry trends, insights from industry experts, and strategies for success in the supply chain field. The podcast also covers topics such as technology, supply chain innovation, and the future of supply chain. In addition, the podcast features interviews with supply chain professionals from around the world to discuss their best practices, success stories, and challenges. The goal of the podcast is to provide listeners with useful information to help them improve their supply chain operations and become more successful.

Lets Talk Supply Chain

In this podcast, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey discusses how supply chain management is at the heart of every business. She explains how having a supply chain strategy is essential for business success, and she shares tips on how to optimize your supply chain. She also talks about the importance of having the right technology in place to ensure a streamlined and efficient supply chain, and how AI and machine learning can help improve supply chain processes. Finally, she explains the importance of developing long-term relationships with suppliers and customers, and how this can help create a successful and sustainable supply chain.

The Digital Supply Chain podcast

Tom Raftery's "The Digital Supply Chain Podcast" focuses on digital technology and its impact on the supply chain industry. The podcast covers topics such as the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on supply chain, supply chain visibility, blockchain in the supply chain, and how digital technologies are transforming the way businesses source, produce, and deliver products and services. It also features interviews with supply chain professionals and experts, exploring the latest trends and discussing the future of the industry.

The Future of Supply Chain: a Dynamo Ventures Podcast

Inbound Logistics Podcast: Supply Chain Reactions

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain Revolution


Supply Chain Careers Podcast


Supply Chain 24/7 Podcast

Hoisting the sail, a supply chain podcast

The Gartner Supply Chain Podcast

Supply Chain in the Fast Lane

MIT Supply Chain Frontiers

Supply Chain Stories

The Great Supply Chain Podcast

Supply Chain College

The Supply Chain Matters Podcast

Tennessee on Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Therapy

Supply Chain Central

Supplychain Professionals

The Supply Chain Essentials Podcast


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