Podcasts To Learn About Movie Production

Podcasts To Learn About Movie Production

When it comes to Podcasts To Learn About Movie Production, there is no limit to the personalities talking about this feeling. Here are 25 of the top ones.

The No Film School Podcast

The No Film School podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by the filmmakers and content creators behind No Film School, an online publication that covers the film industry. The podcast focuses on the latest film and television news, interviews with industry leaders, and advice for filmmakers on topics such as finance, legal, and production. The podcast features guests from all parts of the film industry, including directors, editors, cinematographers, producers, and more. Through the podcast, listeners can gain insight into the world of filmmaking, learn from industry experts, and stay up to date with the latest trends.

The Movie Podcast

The Movie Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by film critics and film fans discussing the latest film news, reviews, and controversies. Each episode covers a variety of topics, including box office numbers, new movie trailers, exclusive interviews, and film-related puzzles. The podcast also includes exclusive bonus content, including behind-the-scenes looks at films and exclusive interviews with filmmakers. Listeners can engage with the show by sending in their questions, comments, and feedback to be featured on the show.

Music Production Podcast

In this episode of the Music Production Podcast, host Brian Funk interviews composer and producer Joe Trapanese, who’s credits include Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy soundtrack and the Emmy-winning score for Netflix's The Crown. Joe shares his creative approach to music production and his thoughts on the importance of collaboration in the creative process. He also talks about the importance of experimentation and how he developed his own unique sound, as well as his experience working on the TRON: Legacy soundtrack. Finally, Joe provides advice on how to get started in music production and how to develop a unique sound.

Production Expert Podcast

The Production Expert Podcast is an educational podcast hosted by studio owner and engineer James Ivey. Each episode features interviews with industry professionals who share their insight and expertise on the creative and technical aspects of music production. Topics range from studio design and acoustics to mixing and mastering techniques, and the podcast also features reviews of the latest audio gear. The goal of the podcast is to provide listeners with the necessary knowledge and resources to help them become successful in the music industry.

Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business

This podcast focuses on topics related to music production, audio engineering, and music business. It features interviews with industry professionals, tips and tricks for getting better results in music production, and advice on how to make a successful career in music. The podcast also covers topics such as sound design, recording techniques, mixing, mastering, composition, and music promotion. It is designed to help aspiring producers and engineers become successful in their music career.

The Cine-Files

Film Photography Podcast

Hack The Movies

The Underdog w/ Daniel Francis

Bravo for the B-side Podcast

The Screenwriting Life with Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna

Cinema Spectator


Janette's TV Podcast

ProducerGrind Podcast

Indie Film Hustle® Podcast Archives: Film Production

Music Production Made Simple

The Producer Podcast


How To Produce Movies

The ADULTish Podcast

Filmmaking Footnote: Filmmaking Footnote


Constant Comedy With Art Bell & Vinnie Favale [Season 1]

A Dog's Talk with Tim Burgess


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