Podcasts About Supreme Court

Podcasts About Supreme Court

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Supreme Court decision syllabus (SCOTUS)

In this podcast, RJ Dieken examines the Supreme Court's decision syllabus (SCOTUS), which is a document that provides a summary of the Court's decision on certain cases. Dieken explains how the syllabus is structured and what it contains, as well as how it can be used to better understand the Court's decisions. He also talks about the differences between an opinion, a summary, and a syllabus, and how the syllabus can be used as a tool for legal research. Lastly, he shares his thoughts on the importance of understanding the SCOTUS syllabus for anyone seeking to learn about the court's decisions and the US legal system.

Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick | Law, justice, and the courts

In this episode of Slate’s Amicus podcast, host Dahlia Lithwick takes an in-depth look at the current state of law, justice, and the courts in the United States. She explores various topics from the Supreme Court’s politicization to the weakening of the Voting Rights Act and the erosion of civil rights. She interviews guests who share insight on the current state of the legal system and what the implications might be for the future. Additionally, Lithwick shares her own analysis of key cases, rulings, and legal trends. Ultimately, the podcast provides a valuable understanding of the challenges facing the legal system today and suggests ways to move forward.

Strict Scrutiny

Civics 101

Immigration Review


Law360's The Term - News & Analysis on the Supreme Court


What’s the Verdict? with Nick Reit and Jess Jones

The LEGAL ONE Podcast

Oklahoma Appeals - The Podcast

Summarily - A Podcast for Busy Lawyers

More Perfect

Legal Docket


Term Talk (audio version)

PBS NewsHour - Supreme Court

Presidential Recordings

May it Please the Court

The Supreme Court Times

Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News: The Podcast

The Kept Republic Podcast


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